5 Ways Roofing Sales Software Saves You Time

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With storm season approaching, you may be looking for ways to run your business more efficiently so you can handle a greater influx of work. While every roofing business is different, having a streamlined process in place can help you save time.

Roofing sales software like AccuLynx has important tools that many contractors use to save time, grow their businesses, and expand profit margins. Here are AccuLynx’s top 5 time-saving tools that you can easily incorporate within your residential roofing business:

Using aerial measurement integrations for faster estimates

Climbing on a roof to take measurements can be time-consuming and leave room for human error. Ordering aerial measurements is an alternative to measuring by hand that will help you complete estimates quicker and have an accuracy rate of at least 95%.

AccuLynx integrates with two aerial measurement providers, EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure, so you can order a report directly from AccuLynx. Once ordered, you can access it directly in your AccuLynx job file and the measurements will auto-populate into your estimate.

Ordering your materials directly from suppliers

Streamline your process even further by ordering your materials directly from your preferred supplier through AccuLynx roofing sales software. AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products. With these integrations, you no longer have to call your supplier for quotes or move between systems to order your materials. Instead, you can use pre-built templates or type in the materials you need into your estimation tool and see the cost right away. Prices and material availability are updated in real-time, so you will always have the most accurate numbers on your estimate to show homeowners and have confidence that the materials you order are in stock.

Once a customer’s estimate has been approved, you can quickly convert an estimate into a material order. This saves time and reduces delays so your teams can get on the roof sooner. Not only that, you will also receive shipping updates and photo proof of deliveries right in your AccuLynx account, so you will always know what is happening with your material orders.

Signing your documents electronically

Many customers prefer to interact with companies digitally. Roofing companies with electronic document processing capabilities are not only able to serve customers more effectively, but can also stay more organized. This is especially true when it comes to your essential paperwork, such as contracts, estimates, change orders, and more.

With SmartDocs, the document processing feature in AccuLynx roofing sales software, you can accept electronic signatures from virtually anywhere on any device. Instead of driving to a customer’s home or having them come to you, you can email the document for them to sign. All signatures are legally binding with a comprehensive log of each party’s name, email address, date, time, and IP address. After you email your customer the document for their signature, you will receive a notification once it is complete, and it will automatically save in the customer’s job file—saving you time and helping prevent lost paperwork.

Processing your payments electronically

If you primarily collect checks and cash for payment, you could easily save hours by switching to electronic payment processing. Not only do most customers prefer to pay with credit cards, but online payment processing provides a way for you to process payments faster and access your funds sooner.

With AccuPay, AccuLynx’s online payment processing feature, you can easily process credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks in person, online, or over the phone using AccuLynx. You can send an invoice electronically, set up reminders for when a payment is due, and receive notifications for completed payments.

AccuLynx’s roofing sales software also makes it possible to offer competitive loan options to homeowners with AccuFi. Homeowners can complete a short application with approval and funding as soon as the same business day. Powered by Acorn Finance, this eliminates the need to find financing elsewhere, removing the middleman.

Sending text messages

Picking up the phone to call a customer for reminders or quick updates is inefficient, especially when the calls go unanswered. Instead of participating in a game of phone tag, try sending a text. 83% of all customers say that they prefer a text message reminder over a phone call. In AccuLynx, setting up automatic text messages to inform customers about meetings or provide updates on their roof is easy and can be done right from your account. Automated text messages work by setting up triggers, such as job events, milestone changes, or order-related events, that activate the automation. This way, instead of spending time reaching out to each customer or prospect manually, you can let the automation do the work.

With AccuLynx text messaging, all your conversations are saved right in your customer’s job file so that you have a record of every text or email exchange between your team members and homeowners. This way, you will always know what is happening and never worry about something slipping through the cracks.

Saving time with roofing sales software

As the top roofing sales software, AccuLynx will help you work more efficiently simply by incorporating numerous time savers. If you’re interested in saving your business more time, set up a custom demo with our experts to see these features and more in action.

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