How to Get a Roofing Measurement

Climbing up on a house to calculate roof square footage by hand every time you prepare an estimate limits your ability to reach more homeowners and sell more jobs. It takes time to measure every area and input the information into an estimate. This sets you back hours each day.

AccuLynx provides easy access to aerial roof measurement reports from EagleView®. This means you don’t have to waste time measuring a roof by hand. Get accurate measurements for your roofing and siding projects straight to your AccuLynx job record so you can save time and turn around estimates faster.

How to Manually Measure a Roof

To manually measure a roof without the help of aerial measurement reports, you must visit a job site and climb onto the roof to take precise roofing measurements by hand. Here are the 6 steps to get a manual roofing measurement.

  1. Measure the width and length of each plane of the roof (including dormers), and then multiply those numbers to get the correct figure for the square footage of that area.
    Example: Plane 1 (A x B): 50’ x 20’ = 1000 sq ft
    Plane 2 (A x C): 50’ x 20’ = 1000 sq ft
  2. Note any skylights, chimneys or other parts of the roof that would not require materials. You can subtract those measurements from your total area.
  3. Add together the calculated square footage of each surface to get the figure for total square footage of the roof.
    Example: Plane 1 (1000 sq ft) + Plane 2 (1000 sq ft) = 2000 sq ft
Diagram of roof planes to calculate square footage.
  1. After determining the total square footage of the roof, you must calculate the pitch of the roof. Measure the vertical distance (rise) over a 12 inch horizontal segment (run).
    Example: The rise of this roof is 5”.
  2. Write down these numbers as the vertical measurement listed first and the horizontal measurement recorded second so you can find rise over run.
    Example: The rise over run of this roof is 5” over 12”.
  3. When you have the total square footage and rise over run of the roof, you can calculate the roof squares to determine how much materials are needed to cover the roof. To calculate the number of squares on a roof, you need to divide its total square feet by 100.
    Example: 1000 sq ft / 100 = 10 squares

With those roofing measurement figures, you can then estimate the roofing supplies needed for a job.

Diagram to help define the terms rise, run, span, and pitch of slope.

Save Time & Cover More Ground with Aerial Measurement Reports

Ordering an aerial measurement report is a much faster and convenient way to get the measurements of a roof. Instead of climbing on a ladder to measure a roof for shingles by hand and inputting measurements into an estimate for the homeowner, the entire process can be managed digitally, saving you time and eliminating measurement errors.

Deliver Estimates Faster

After a big storm, you want to be as prepared as possible for an influx of work. Customers are eager to have their homes repaired. The faster you can provide an estimate, the faster work can get started. But even a simple roof can take around 30 minutes to measure. Ordering a roofing measurement report through AccuLynx, on the other hand, takes only a few seconds, which means your field sales teams can provide estimates to more homes.

AccuLynx Crew App_Roofing Crew Collaboration

Eliminate Errors

Measuring a roof for shingles is an error-prone process that often results in miscalculations. Aerial measurement reports eliminate manual errors so you can be assured you have accurate numbers from the very start. Reduce material shortages and overages once and for all, resulting in money savings for your roofing business.

How Aerial Roofing Measurements Work

For a tool that can be so valuable to your company, aerial roof measurements are actually quite simple. Planes or drones capture images of residential and commercial properties from the sky. From these images, a report with accurate measurements of a roof’s area, length, and pitch is generated. Details typically include measurement of a roof’s ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing, and step flashing.

EagleView Aerial Measurement Logo

Roofing Measurements from EagleView

The EagleView PremiumReport™ delivers measurements derived from high-resolution aerial imagery for residential and commercial structures. EagleView roof measurement products include georeferenced, high-resolution aerial imagery captured at low altitudes from a top-down perspective as well as views from the north, south, east, and west.

What’s included in an EagleView aerial measurement report:

  • High-resolution aerial images and a 3D diagram
  • Length, area, pitch, and other measurement data
  • Length diagrams showing color-coded details and total line lengths for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, drip edges, flashing, step flashing and parapet walls
  • Waste calculations
Phone displaying an EagleView Report. AccuLynx can help simplify these roofing measurements.

Get Detailed Roof Measurements Right to Your Job File

AccuLynx integrates with aerial measurement providers EagleView to simplify the process. With our seamless integrations, you’ll get fast and accurate measurements right to your AccuLynx account, so you can prepare competitive estimates, increase sales closing rates, and improve production planning.

  • Reports on any property can be placed to EagleView right from your AccuLynx account
  • Reports are delivered to your AccuLynx account and automatically stored with the appropriate job record
  • Reports can auto-populate an estimate, eliminating the need to import files or manually enter measurements

Ordering an Aerial Measurement Report in AccuLynx

AccuLynx makes ordering aerial roofing measurement reports a fast and straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. From the main dashboard, select “EagleView”. You can also navigate to the Measurements tab in one of your job files and select “Order Measurement”, then “Order EagleView”.
  2. Select the report details, such as the number of buildings or the type of roof.
  3. Add in any comments or notes about the order that you might have.
  4. Check to make sure the red map pin is in the right location.
  5. Submit your order.

The speed and ease of ordering aerial measurement reports through AccuLynx saves you time, eliminates the need for double data entry, and improves the accuracy of your estimates.

How Aerial Roofing Measurement Integrations in AccuLynx Helped Kaiser Roofing Grow Profits

Before Kaiser Roofing started using EagleView and AccuLynx, Chief Operations Officer Dan Billings sometimes spent two or three hours preparing a single estimate. He knew that in order to scale the company and increase profits, Kaiser Roofing needed a better solution for measuring roofs, estimating jobs, and managing every aspect of the business.

Switching to AccuLynx and ordering EagleView reports through our integration meant that the Kaiser Roofing team no longer had to climb on roofs to get their measurements. Instead, they could see roofing reports in as little as 15 minutes and turn those reports into estimates with just a few clicks. Because of this increased efficiency, the sales team now has more time to focus on educating the customer and closing the deal. In addition, using AccuLynx helped Kaiser Roofing improve the accuracy of their estimates and know exactly what materials to order. The result? Substantial growth—including a 120% revenue increase in just one year!

Complete Roofing Business Management Software with Integrated Aerial Measurement Ordering and More

Thousands of roofing contractors trust AccuLynx to help them manage their measurements and estimates, along with every other aspect of their businesses. As the leading all-in-one software for residential roofing contractors, AccuLynx is packed with powerful features designed to help you grow your profits and increase your productivity.

From initial lead to final invoice, our roofing software gives you cutting-edge tools to simplify and streamline your work. Here are some of the many things you can do with AccuLynx.

  • Track leads and tasks
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  • Create estimates and contracts
  • Send text messages to contacts
  • Accept electronic payments
  • Customize workflows
  • Order materials
  • Schedule labor
  • View job progress
  • Track payments
  • Run reports
  • Automate emails, texts and tasks
  • Offer consumer financing
  • Communicate with crews

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