5 Roofing Sales Pitch Examples That Close Deals

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As a roofing salesperson, it’s on you to identify the best opportunities, inform homeowners of your company’s value, and ultimately close the deal. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to selling a roof, but your sales pitch could ultimately be the difference between landing a customer or losing out on business–and your own commission.

A lot goes into a roofing sales pitch, but before we give specific examples, it’s important to understand the elements of a successful pitch.

People shaking hands to signify a roofing sales team closing a deal.

The elements of a compelling pitch

Before you jump into a sale, it’s important to know what you need to do in each pitch you give.

Establish trust

For many homeowners, the prospect of replacing or repairing a roof can be daunting. It’s important to create a rapport with homeowners based on mutual respect. As an industry expert, you can help establish that trust through open, honest communication and transparency.

Identifying their pain points and taking the time to understand where they are coming from is crucial. This is important so you can tailor your pitch to that individual’s needs. If you take the time to put yourself in their shoes, you will make them feel valued and not like they’re “just another customer.” A personalized approach will give you a leg up on selling that job.

Highlight your company’s unique selling propositions

What stands out about your company? Why should a customer pick your roofing company instead of the competition? In addition to establishing trust and offering solutions to their pain points, you also need to clearly communicate to the customer why your company is the best.

Create a sense of urgency

Homeowners may not be aware of the long-term consequences of delaying roof repair or replacement. Regardless of the scope of the project, salespeople need to help the homeowner understand all of their options, while also focusing on the importance of NOW. Make sure you are clearly outlining the benefits of fixing their roof, as well as what may happen if they don’t.

Now that you have a base to your sales pitch, let’s put it into action! We’ve compiled a list of five roofing sales pitch examples to help you sell more jobs.

Roofer talking with a customer about the value -added. Roofing sales pitch example 1.

Pitch example #1: the “value-added” approach

Address the customer’s concerns about cost

This roofing sales pitch example will help you answer most homeowner’s first and biggest question, “what will this cost?” The cost of a project is a big obstacle for many homeowners, and sticker shock can often cause you to lose a sale before you’ve even finished your pitch.

Be upfront about the cost of a roofing project right away. This is where transparency can play a big role in your sale. Use empathy, and explain how you reached this number. Helping a homeowner understand why it’s important to use quality materials, as well as the cost of experienced labor may help you keep the conversation going.

Next, offer solutions to pricing.

  • Financing. If your customer is concerned they might not be able to pay the full amount, offer financing options to break the cost out into affordable monthly payments.
  • Pricing Scale. Offer the homeowner “good, better, best” estimates to give them a range of cost options. Your “good” estimate should be basic replacement or repair. Your “best” estimate can include upsell options like new siding, gutters, or more sustainable materials.
  • Talk ROI. How will a new roof affect their property value? A new roof can last 15-20 years and often even longer, depending on the material chosen. Let them know of the long-term benefits they will get on their new roof. Also, explain to them the hidden costs of not replacing their roof, such as a decrease in property values or an increase in existing damage.

Pitch example #2: the “visual impact” pitch

Address the homeowner’s desire to improve curb appeal

No one wants their house to be the eyesore on the block. This roofing sales pitch example is perfect for the customer looking to make their home more visually appealing.

If a customer reaches out with the desire to get a re-roof for the sake of the visual appeal of their home, you need to come with examples of past work you’ve done for similar customers, and understand that form is just as important as functionality to these homeowners.

Showcase visually appealing options

There are lots of color options and shingle styles available on the market. Be sure to show the customer what they have to choose from, and let them know what might look the best. You can use tools like GAF Virtual Home Remodeler and Owens Corning visualizers to show homeowners what a particular color or style might look like on their home.

For example, architectural shingles are a great option to present to a homeowner. These shingles are not only protective, but provide a “high definition” look because of the depth and contour of each shingle’s profile. These shingles also come in a variety of colors, but are mostly centered around those found in nature.

Some sustainable and environmentally-friendly roof options also offer a visual appeal including:

  • Metal
  • Composite
  • Concrete/clay
  • Synthetic
  • Solar

Emphasize the transformative impact on the home

Let your customer know that this will not only make the house look good, but will also increase its value if they sell it in the future. For example, a new roof will add an average of $15,427 to a home’s value. Homeowners that choose a solar roof, for example, experience savings of at least $80 per month on average on their electric bill. Homeowners in some states see savings of over $115 per month!

It is important to help the customer think ahead during this roofing sales pitch.

Showing issues with the roof. Roofing sales pitch example 3.

Pitch example #3: the “problem solver” pitch

Identify issues with the roof

It’s not likely the homeowner will be able to identify the extent of the damage of their roof from a hailstorm, for example. A leak in the attic may seem like a quick fix to a homeowner, but the extent of the damage may be much worse than they initially realize. A re-roof is certainly not a DIY project, so you, the contractor, need to be there for the homeowner.

It is your responsibility to get on the roof and assess that damage for them and let them know what’s really going on.

Comprehensive solution

Now you need to tell the customer what it is going to take to fix their roof. Is it in need of a full re-roof or is it just a portion? Your presentation should include both proof and a solution.

  • Take pictures. This can help you illustrate the damage in a way that will register.
  • Provide immediate solutions. Provide the homeowner with a full report of the damage, and how you, the expert, would go about resolving it.
  • Highlight your expertise. Take the burden off the customer. Offer to work with their insurance company.
  • Provide reassurance. Let them know of your past experiences of working with insurance companies, or this type of repair, and what that process looks like.

Pitch example #4: the “social proof” pitch

Leverage customer reviews to close the deal

Your online presence is key. More people are leaving reviews online than ever before.
Homeowners tend to believe what people say online about a business as much as they would a friend. Use that to your advantage.

Along with your estimate, provide accreditations, warranty information, customer testimonials, or access to referrals. Be sure to show them what past customers thought. You can even encourage the homeowner to think about it, before they sign with you.

How to handle a negative review

If a customer leaves you a negative review at some point, it’s important to not shy away from it. If a potential customer wants to know what happened, it’s important to have a simple, straightforward response.

Showcase successful projects completed in the area

Homeowners may be more inclined to work with a business that has a strong community standing. Tell them about the work you have done in the area.

Encourage homeowners to become another satisfied customer

If you do end up providing the homeowner with a new roof, be sure to have them leave a review.

Don’t just ask for a review so you can have a good presence online. Take the time to talk to the customer about the experience overall. This will not only show that you value their business, but will give you a chance to learn what they liked, and what could have been better.

Pitch example #5: the “limited-time offer” pitch

Introduce a time-sensitive promo offer or discount to create urgency

Is there anything your company can offer upfront to persuade a potential customer to agree to have you perform the work? Remember, this is a major financial decision and a little discount can go a long way. But don’t give them too much time to think about it or they may go find someone else to do the job.

Some examples of a promotion or discount you can offer might include:

  • A reward for a referral
  • A new customer special
  • Off-season discount, etc

Reinforce the value of the roofing solution you’re offering

Just because you’re giving a discount, it should not say that your work is worth less than “the other guy.”

Make sure they understand the importance of the solution you’re offering them regardless of why they want or need a new roof.

AccuLynx's roofing software programs

How the tools in AccuLynx can support your roofing sales pitch

AccuLynx, the leading all-in-one business management software, has helped thousands of contractors nail their sales pitch. With AccuLynx, your sales team can:

Provide detailed project documentation

AccuLynx has photo capabilities that allow you to document the project from start to finish.

Use AccuLynx photo tools to:

  • Capture, annotate, and store job photos
  • Create albums to organize all your photos
  • Share photos via text or email
  • Sync photos to your AccuLynx account

This is beneficial during your sales pitch because you have easy access to job damage photos so you can reinforce the need for roof repairs, or share documentation with insurance companies.

Provide accurate costs with aerial measurements and material supplier integrations

AccuLynx has integrations with the industry’s leading aerial measurement providers and material suppliers:

These integrations can help streamline your sales process, making it faster and easier to turn around estimates.

Offer homeowners financing and online payment options

With AccuLynx, you can provide your customer with financing options, as well as flexible ways to pay online, right from our software.

Collect payments with AccuPay, our secure online payment processing feature that lets you process transactions from anywhere and get paid via credit, debit, or ACH in person or online.

AccuLynx also has a tool called AccuFi that helps you offer customers competitive financing options:

  • Customers fill out a simple pre-approval form with no impact to their credit score—right from the AccuLynx estimate or invoice
  • AccuFi immediately generates a list of pre-qualified loan options
  • Customers complete a short application with approval and funding as soon as the same business day

All of this is done through AccuLynx so you will always know the loan status as well as receive notification when your customer receives their funds or makes payments.

Providing your customer with easy payment and financing options is a great way to support your roofing sales pitch.

Deliver ongoing support with the Customer Portal

Your customers will never feel like they are in the dark when you use AccuLynx to manage your project. The Customer Portal offers them a one-stop shop to check in on their job progress and connect with your team anytime.

With the Customer Portal, you can:

  • Share project details and documents
  • Request and process payments
  • Exchange messages
  • Offer access to financing
  • And more!

This not only saves time for your company down the road, but also provides an added layer of trust with your customers and enhances your customer service.

Closing a deal with roofing software programs

Nail your sales pitch every time

A software solution like AccuLynx gives you everything you need to perfect those five roofing sales pitch examples and any other way you want to sell your services.

This helps take the worry out of your sales pitch because you have everything you need to talk to the customer and close the deal.

If you’re interested in using a roofing software program to help you nail your roofing sales pitch every time, schedule a demo with AccuLynx.

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