Tips & Tricks to Increase Roofing Sales

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In a service-based industry like roofing, sales can vary annually. While you can’t control the weather, how you sell to and acquire customers, as well as your internal processes, impacts your ability to increase roofing sales.

If you’re not meeting your sales goals, it’s time to analyze your current process and make some changes where necessary. AccuLynx has 6 easy adjustments you can make to your business model that can help you increase roofing sales this season.

6 tips to increase your roofing sales

1. Sell on the value of your professional expertise

Consider the level of expertise of your team. Do you have specific certifications? How long have you been in the industry? When you sell a roof to a client, make sure you’re prepared to sell them not only a new roof, but the value of your expertise. Most buyers understand they get what they pay for and may be willing to spend more on a more experienced and professional company.

2. Maximize your advertising dollars

Before you increase your advertising budgets, you need to know what channels are the most profitable so you can maximize your marketing efforts. Social media, Angi Leads, Google Ads, and things like yard signs, and flyers can get your business in front of people—but not every method works for every company.

Roofing software can help you see where your most profitable jobs come from, including the channel, so you can make decisions about how to allocate your marketing budget. By focusing on the channels that lead to the most jobs, you can increase your roofing sales without increasing your overall spend.


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3. Negotiate with your vendors

If you’re able to negotiate better pricing with your vendors and offer more favorable pricing that your competitors, you can increase your sales. By paying less for materials, insurance, or other equipment, some cost savings can be reflected in your pricing for services. This can help you capture price-sensitive homeowners that may have been tempted to go with a competitor, despite your level of expertise.

4. Streamline internal processes

Another simple way to increase roofing sales is to improve your company’s efficiency. The more efficient your processes are, the less time and resources you need to spend on each job and the more time you have to sell.

An all-in-one software streamlines processes by keeping everything you need in one place and preventing you from jumping between systems to enter the same data. With AccuLynx, you can track leads, automate tasks and communication, create roofing estimates, and analyze sales performance, resulting in an average savings of 468 hours annually per user.

5. Look for niche markets

Expanding your company’s offerings to fit a particular niche market is another way to increase your potential customer base. If your roofing company is the only one to provide a specific service, customers will be willing to pay more for the jobs you do.

For example, green roofs and metal roofs are continuing to gain popularity among homeowners. However, not all companies install these roofs, and not all branches of materials suppliers may carry the materials you need. If you are able, offering these types of services can help you stand out.

Another way to increase roofing sales is to focus on your up-selling. There are many approaches you can take to maximize your up-selling capabilities so take some time to consider not only the roof but windows, siding, gutters, and other exterior services you might be able to offer. Even if a homeowner doesn’t initially ask for these additional trades, be sure to let them know it is available.

If you can adapt what you already provide to fit a niche market as well as a broader market, you can reap the benefits of both and increase roofing sales. Do some research to see if there are any specialized products similar to your own and see what you can do to make your way into that market.

6. Provide continuous customer service

Managing your customers after a job is completed is a critical factor when it comes to recurring revenue. While new customers are important, you can also increase your roofing sales by managing your old clients. A single job can turn into several if you maintain your connection with the client and do quality work the first time around. Previous clients who know you, trust you, and are willing to leave positive reviews for your business are likely to choose your company for future projects.

Sending surveys along with your warranty documents is an easy way to garner your customer’s opinions and apply your findings as best practices.

Utilizing a Customer Portal can help you take your customer service to the next level. Not only can you share project updates, collect payments, and send documents during the project, you can send messages to the customer after the project asking them to leave a review. You can also follow up with the customer later to see how they like their new roof.

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Start using AccuLynx to increase roofing sales

AccuLynx is the industry’s #1 business management software. Since 2008, more contractors have turned to AccuLynx to run their business and help increase their roofing sales by streamlining processes and providing greater visibility.

From knowing how to price your product and best spend your ad dollars to the level of customer service you provide, AccuLynx can change the way you sell for the better. Schedule a demo today and see how your sales can grow.

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