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Integrated text messaging for roofing contractors

Send and receive text messages from AccuLynx with our powerful SMS tools. Automated and two-way texting features let you easily connect with customers and team members from the same system you use to manage your business.

A woman using a phone. AccuLynx text messaging windows are around her, demonstrating how you can use text messaging for roofing.

Improve engagement and customer satisfaction with business texting
Texting in AccuLynx gives you more options to reach your contacts. Send text messages from a unique local number to connect with hard-to-reach leads, stay in touch with staff, and keep customers informed more easily.

Save time

Automate text notifications

Instead of sending one-off messages or making phone calls, you can set up automated text messages to notify contacts of appointments, schedule changes, and more.

  • Trigger automated text messages based on job events, job milestone changes, and order-related events
  • View a historical log of all triggered text messages associated with a job
  • See your contact’s messaging preferences

Stay organized

Communicate in real time

Send direct text messages from the AccuLynx job record. All texts are automatically logged with their corresponding job file, so you always have easy access to a complete record of your conversations.

  • Select the customer, team member or vendor you want to text from the AccuLynx address book
  • Get notified when a contact replies to a text in AccuLynx
  • View a historical log of all text threads associated with a job

Faster projects

AccuLynx’s integrated text messaging features accelerate overall project timelines

Shorter sales cycles

AccuLynx’s integrated text messaging features help get contracts signed faster

The easiest text messaging solution for roofing contractors

AccuLynx makes it easy to incorporate text messaging into your business, giving you a simple and convenient way to engage with team members and keep customers up to date throughout a project. With messages automatically associated with your job records, you have everything you need to oversee a job in one place.

See text messaging in action

We’ll show you how it works.