Kaiser Siding and Roofing grows revenue 120% with AccuLynx and EagleView

Scott and Michael Kaiser knew they wanted to build their roofing business on a solid digital foundation. When their original platform reached the limit of its capacities, the brothers knew they had to look for a new solution. They turned to AccuLynx, the #1 roofing software, and found that it met their needs right out of the gate.

Portrait of the Kaiser Roofing brothers

Software to help Kaiser Roofing scale their business

Once they made the switch to AccuLynx, Kaiser Roofing instantly saw results. “With AccuLynx, we’re able to assign each lead to a sales representative without any human intervention. AccuLynx also gives us the ability to add notes and communications for each job,” according to Scott Kaiser.

He continued, “Perhaps the most beneficial AccuLynx feature we started using right away is the reporting. Every Sunday evening, we generate automated reports that we use to plan bids and production schedules on Monday morning.”

Early adoption of EagleView and AccuLynx integration

As with AccuLynx, Kaiser Roofing was an early adopter of EagleView. “I found out about EagleView from some of our contractors in 2008 and immediately signed up to start using it as soon as it was available,” Kaiser said.

“Previously, for every bid, we had to drive out to the site, unload and load ladders, and walk every roof to measure it. And this doesn’t include the time we spent manually inputting the measurement and notes into our CRM—let alone instances where we made mistakes and had to go back out and do it all over again.”

Portrait of Scott Kaiser

“We delivered around 350 jobs last year. This year, we did a little more than 800 — a 120%+ increase, thanks to the tools in AccuLynx and EagleView.”

Scott Kaiser| Co-Founder| Kaiser Siding & Roofing

When Kaiser Roofing decided to migrate to AccuLynx in 2011, they elected to use the EagleView integration. This allowed them to order EagleView reports directly from within AccuLynx. Before, the processes were completely separate, and it extended the EagleView ordering process by an estimated five minutes each time.

Kaiser estimated the combination of AccuLynx and EagleView saves the company at least two hours per bid. He also noted that prior to using the EagleView integration, around 10% of their jobs would come up short on materials. “Insurance adjusters almost always estimate low,” Kaiser said.

“Now, I’ll pull an EagleView report right through my job file in AccuLynx, so that when we meet with the adjuster, we’re prepared to discuss the scope right there on the spot.”

He concluded, “With EagleView, I am able to show an objective, third-party estimate and secure their acceptance of an accurate material order.”

Refocusing Kaiser Roofing’s business strategy amidst COVID-19

As 2019 closed out, Scott, Michael, and other members of Kaiser Roofing’s management team took a step back and reevaluated their sales strategy. They instituted new training processes that doubled down on the company’s digital strategies, including its use of AccuLynx and EagleView.

“We bring new sales representatives into our office for training before they start selling,” Kaiser said. “Part of this process is to train them on AccuLynx and EagleView. We want to ensure they get the full value of each of them.”

This had a big impact on their business when COVID-19 restricted the sales process in early 2020. Despite facing economic headwinds due to COVID-19, Kaiser Roofing more than doubled its revenue in 2020.

“The ability to provide customers with contactless interactions during the bid process using AccuLynx and EagleView has certainly been a plus,” Kaiser added. By relying on AccuLynx and EagleView, Kaiser Roofing was able to realize the revenue growth without commensurate expansion in its sales team.

A cell phone displaying an EagleView roofing measurement report
A laptop and phone both displaying the AccuLynx dashboard used by roofing sales teams.

Staying focused on the future

Today, Kaiser Roofing continues to rely on the solutions provided by AccuLynx and EagleView to keep productivity levels high. Kaiser concluded, “AccuLynx and EagleView are true innovators in the roofing industry, and they continue to evolve their technology. AccuLynx is designed to handle rapid revenue growth into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and as we look to grow our business further, we anticipate AccuLynx and EagleView as being critical enablers.”

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