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Easy credit card processing for roofing contractors

Collect payments faster with AccuLynx’s built-in payments processing feature, designed exclusively for roofing contractors. This powerful tool lets you accept credit, debit, and ACH from anywhere—with funds deposited to your bank in as little as a few hours!

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Meet AccuPay

The best payment processing option for roofing contractors using AccuLynx


AccuPay is the easiest, most convenient way for roofing contractors to process credit card payments. It’s fully integrated into the industry’s best roofing CRM, so you don’t have to manually record payments in multiple places. Payments are automatically recorded in the AccuLynx job record as well as QuickBooks or Sage Intaact!

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Save more time

With online payment processing in AccuLynx, you don’t have to worry about tracking down paper checks or making trips to the bank. You can give your customers multiple ways to pay online.

  • Send customers to your company’s branded payments webpage
  • Capture their credit card information over the phone
  • Let them pay through the Customer Portal
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Simplify processes

When you use AccuPay, you don’t have to log in and out of different systems or enter payments in multiple places. You can automate everything from AccuLynx.

  • Set up payment schedules with automated reminder emails
  • Track the status of a customer’s payments in their AccuLynx job file
  • Apply payments to a customer’s job record automatically
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Get paid faster

AccuPay not only makes payments faster and easier for everyone, but it also allows you to make use of your revenue sooner. Instead of waiting days for funds to reach your bank account, AccuPay gives you quicker access to your money.

  • Get real-time notifications in AccuLynx when payment are made
  • Receive payments in as little as 4 hours
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Top tier safety and compliance

AccuLynx’s payment processing feature is built on financial technology that is trusted by 95% of the world’s leading banks. FIS Global processes over $40T annually for hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world.

Dedicated payment specialists

Roofing contractors that use payments in AccuLynx don’t just get more reliable and secure online payment processing. They also get a dedicated payment specialist ready to answer questions and provide support anytime!

No limits on transactions

With AccuLynx’s payment processing, there’s no limits on the number of transactions you can make, credit cards you can use, or dollar amounts you can process. Only fast, secure payment processing designed to help roofing companies better manage cash flow.

Frequently asked questions

Accept credit cards, ACH payments, and debit cards in person, via email, or via the Customer Portal using our credit card processing for roofing contractors.

If a digital payment request is sent via email, the customer can enter their payment information in a secure, online portal. The same process is followed if collecting in person. With both options, you can request payment for any amount of the total cost and you’ll be able to track all payments within AccuLynx.

Credit and debit payments process in as little as 4-5 hours! AccuLynx’s payment processing feature automatically applies contractor payments to your job in AccuLynx. Plus, if you use the QuickBooks or Sage Intacct integrations, payments will also automatically sync there.

Current AccuLynx customers not using payments in AccuLynx will need to fill out a simple application and provide:

  • articles of incorporation
  • 3 months of bank statements
  • financial statements

Once approved, we will activate payments. Your customer support manager can guide you through the setup process, or you can reach out to support at with questions.

You can refund, cancel, and void transactions by contacting our merchant specialist via or by phone at (608) 473-3800. Going through our merchant specialist reduces the chance of errors related to duplicate refunds and other similar issues that can result due to when a customer attempts the refund.

AccuLynx’s payment processing charges a small fee depending on the type of payment transaction, but it is typically lower than other services. Request AccuLynx payment pricing.

Yes, you can add a line item to an invoice to cover the fee. If you have questions about how to do this, reach out to support at or by phone at (608) 473-3800.

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