The Top 6 Text Messaging Stats Roofing Contractors Should Know

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Many roofing contractors are reluctant to use text messaging for their businesses, for many reasons. Some feel that it’s too personal and not suitable for business communications. Others are worried that they will annoy their customers. Still others don’t believe they’ll get a response that way.

These are understandable concerns. But do they reflect actual customer experiences? Recent surveys show a different story—one that makes a strong case for text messaging for roofing contractors. Here are some of the top text messaging statistics that show why texting is an important communication tool for your roofing business.

Top Text Messaging Statistics for Roofing Contractors

84% of customers don’t answer calls from unknown numbers

If you hang up when an unknown number calls you, you’re not alone. 84% of your customers are doing the same thing. Many contractors believe that it’s more professional to call customers with an update on their project or to remind them of an appointment. But if your customers don’t have your number saved in their phones, they’re likely ignoring your call. And even if you leave a voicemail, that’s no guarantee they’ll call you back. A mere 3% of voicemails from unknown numbers receive callbacks.

If you’ve been calling your customers and receiving no response, this is likely the culprit. In order to actually hear from your customers and keep the lines of communication open, it’s important to reach out to them using methods that will lead to conversation instead of playing phone tag.

Only 20% of emails are opened, but 98% of texts are

If phone calls are often ignored, what about emails? Unfortunately, emails are often missed by customers as well. Only 20% of all emails are read, which means there’s a good chance that some of your emails will never be opened by your customers.

In contrast, text messaging statistics say that 98% of text messages are opened. While email is still a preferred method of communication, if you’re having trouble getting in touch with a customer, you may want to try texting first. And if you need to follow up to make sure a customer has received a previous communication, text messaging can be the most effective way to do so.

78% of customers respond to texts in 10 minutes or less

Things can change quickly in the roofing industry. From weather delays to scheduling changes, you often need to reach your customers with urgent information and confirm a response quickly. What’s the best way to get information in front of your customers in a timely manner and get an answer in minutes?

Text Messaging for Roofing Contractors

Studies on text messaging statistics show that texting can be the most effective way of doing so. 78% of customers respond to texts in 10 minutes or less, and half of customers respond to texts in 3 minutes or less. When you need fast answers, you can rely on text messaging for roofing contractors to elicit a response from a customer in minutes.

83% of customers would like to receive appointment reminders over text

How do you send your appointment reminders to customers? More and more customers would prefer to receive those reminders via text message. 83% of all customers say that they would rather receive a text message to remind them of an appointment than an email or phone call.

Roofing contractors need to send many appointment reminders during the course of a project. Using text messaging to do so demonstrates that your business understands the needs and preferences of your customers. Some roofing software even allows you to trigger automated text messages to customers and leads whenever you add an appointment to your calendar, making it easier to notify contacts and ensuring you’ll never forget to reach out.

69% of all customers would like to contact a business via text

Text messaging is often seen as primarily a way to connect with younger consumers. However, the data increasingly shows that customers of all ages want to connect with businesses over text. When surveyed in 2019, 69% of customers across all age groups said they would like to contact a business over text, and 54% are frustrated when they are unable to do so.

Meeting customer expectations is essential to increase referrals and improve satisfaction with your work. And here’s another text messaging statistic: 1 in 3 customers has texted a business without receiving a reply, so you may have had customers unsuccessfully try to reach out by text already. Incorporating text messages into your customer communication strategy helps you meet those expectations and connect in a way many customers prefer.

68% of businesses use some form of texting to communicate

If you’re not using text messaging for roofing contractors, you may be behind the curve compared to your competitors. 68% of businesses are already using some form of texting to communicate with their customers, whether that’s automated or two-way texting. In order to keep up with your competitors, it’s important to add texting to your toolbox.

In order to turn texting into a competitive advantage, make it clear that you offer texting when you connect with customers and prospects:

  • Add “text or call us” to your contact information section of your website/social media profiles
  • Mention it during your initial conversations with a prospect
  • Send a text to welcome a new customer

By incorporating your texting capabilities into your overall marketing messaging and reaching out to customers through texting, you can keep it top of mind for prospects and customers and encourage them to reach out to you this way.

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Customer surveys show that text messaging for roofing contractors is an essential communication tool and these text messaging statistics back that up. Using a texting service will help you meet customer expectations, connect with hard-to-reach customers, and keep the lines of communication open.

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  • This gave me a fresh perspective on how to reach customers and the stats that you’ve pointed out about text messaging made some really good points on its effectiveness to reach your clients. I might have been too focused on the power of social media as a marketer when it comes to reaching audiences that I missed utilizing something an effective tool that’s as simple as a text message.

  • Armor Xteriors
    July 8, 2021 8:56 am

    Switching from an email only approach to implementing the built in sms options through Acculynx dramatically improved our customer response. We would gladly back up the data in this article.

  • John Peterson
    November 4, 2021 4:50 pm

    Your roofing business is spending less time on your phone, don’t stop sending text massages to customers, 84% of customers don’t answer calls from unknown numbers but 98% of texts got answered.

  • Consider incorporating text messaging into your business strategy to reap these benefits and connect with your customers in a more direct and impactful way.

  • A well-informed discussion on roofing solutions, much appreciated!


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