AppConnections by AccuLynx

Connections designed to streamline data sharing for roofing contractors

Sync your preferred third-party software to AccuLynx with AppConnections. This AccuLynx feature gives you access to a collection of exclusively pre-configured integrations and APIs that simplify the process of bringing your data together.

AccuLynx AppConnections includes Angi Leads, Hatch, CompanyCam, Zapier, and Angi Ads
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Spend less time managing data

AppConnections allows you to automatically exchange data between AccuLynx and your third party applications, eliminating the need to manually enter or import the information you want to see. You’ll save valuable time by taking advantage of this simplified process.

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Centralize everything in AccuLynx

AppConnections makes it easier than ever to centralize your data, providing far more than just convenience and time-savings. You’ll gain a more powerful business management platform that gives you the information you need to work smarter on every level.

Access exclusive connections to popular roofing apps

Start breaking down your data silos the easy way—no coding required! In just a few clicks, you can sync your accounts and start sharing data.

Angi Ads

Angi Ads

Maximize your investment by syncing leads directly with your AccuLynx account to capitalize on advertising-generated leads.

Angi Leads

Angi Leads

Connect your qualified leads to AccuLynx, enabling you to swiftly pursue opportunities and accelerate your sales process.



Automatically sync photos, tags, and documents from CompanyCam to your AccuLynx job file, ensuring seamless project management.



Effortlessly share key customer data from AccuLynx with Hatch to create segmented, personalized messaging campaigns to enhance your communication strategies.

Zapier integrates with AccuLynx


Create and manage multiple authorization keys so data can be seamlessly exchanged between AccuLynx and other apps for greater efficiency and productivity.

Establish unique connections to make your data work for you

Use the API key to establish your own connections and optimize your business operations. With the advanced API capabilities in AppConnections, you can leverage more diverse data within your AccuLynx account, including:

Accounting & finances




Inventory management

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You will need to activate AppConnections in AccuLynx to connect your third-party applications and access API keys.

You will need your login credentials for that specific application. Your third party software will need to be active in order to make a connection. To learn more about how to connect a specific app, log in to the Knowledge Base.

You can connect endpoints for leads, jobs and documents, payments, invoices, and job finances. Comprehensive information about how to use and connect AccuLynx APIs can be found here.

See AppConnections in action

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