8 Tips for Perfecting Your Roofing Sales Process

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Greater consistency throughout your sales process can help propel your business forward and pave the way for your company to create more accurate estimates, provide better customer service, and close more deals. By utilizing the tools in AccuLynx, you can provide your sales team with step-by-step instructions to make sure they are adhering to your company’s best practices when it comes to selling your services.

Here are 8 roofing sales tips your team can incorporate today:

Roofing Sales Tip #1: Make sure to follow up with the lead right away

How quickly you follow up with your leads can make the difference between winning and losing a job. Once an initial lead comes in, it is essential to have a salesperson reach out as soon as possible to start building a relationship with the potential customer. While it might take a few follow-up calls to convert the lead into a sale, salespeople who follow up within five minutes are 9x more likely to close the deal.

This initial follow-up call is a great time for your salesperson to ask questions concerning what type of job this is and what the scope might look like. This will differ if it is an insurance job following a storm or a retail project. Be sure to clarify the scope of work and set up an appointment, such as a roof inspection. The lead form in AccuLynx can help guide your sales team to ask the right questions, take notes, and prepare them for when they arrive for their first on-site appointment.

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Roofing Sales Tip #2: Confirm your appointment

Keeping continuous communication with your homeowner throughout the sales process helps strengthen the relationship and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. That’s why confirming an appointment and setting appointment reminders are other great steps to include in your roofing sales process.

But, sending out appointment reminders and confirmations manually can take up hours of your day. Instead, by setting up automations to confirm and remind your homeowners of appointments, you can keep them informed without doing much manual communication. With AccuLynx’s automations, you can set up reminders via text or email that will go out at a specific time on their own. Your homeowners can confirm their appointment or message you back if something comes up and they need to reschedule. All of these messages are stored directly in your AccuLynx account.

Roofing Sales Tip #3: Take photos and notes during the inspection

It’s important to make the most of going to a homeowner’s house and seeing their roof in person so that you don’t have to make repeated trips to the job site. When one of your crew members goes out to see a roof, include a checklist for what tasks they should accomplish while on-site to ensure they don’t forget any crucial steps.

On this checklist include tasks such as taking pictures of the damage or condition of the roof. These pictures are helpful to show the homeowner what parts of the roof need to be replaced or updated and are essential to show to the adjuster or insurance company. It is also vital to take pictures and notes regarding pre-existing issues, such as paint chipping on the siding, so your team won’t get blamed for damage already there once you complete the job. All these photos can easily be uploaded, notated, tagged, and stored in your AccuLynx job file for easy access throughout the job.

Roofing Sales Tip #4: Use aerial measurements for efficiency and accuracy

After you’ve completed assessing the damage and scope of work, getting the most accurate measurements possible should be the next step for your team. Aerial measurements are both efficient and highly accurate (over 95% accuracy) and can help save time by pre-ordering before an appointment. With AccuLynx, you can order your aerial measurements through EagleView. The completed measurements show up right in the relevant job file for easy access when building out the rest of your estimate and material orders.

Roofing Sales Tip #5: Determine material needs and costs

Once you’ve assessed the scope of work and the roof’s condition, the next step in your process should be to identify what materials you need and how much they will cost. Ensuring that you have the most updated information on the pricing and availability of the necessary materials will help you create the most accurate estimate when closing your deal. With supply chain delays and rising material costs, knowing what is available and the most updated price can be challenging and time-consuming.

By utilizing a CRM system that integrates with your material supplier, you can access this information easily and build out your material orders and estimate more efficiently. With AccuLynx’s integrations with suppliers SRS Distribution, ABC Supply, and (coming soon) Beacon Building Products, you can access real-time pricing and availability based on your specific pricing and branch.

Download: 5 Free Roofing Project Templates

Roofing Sales Tip #6: Use templates to build out your estimates

One of the final steps in your sales process should be to build out your estimate. Your estimate should include much of what was discussed above: the scope of work, photos, and pricing determined from measurements and material availability. With AccuLynx, all of the information you need to build your estimate will be in one centralized location. You won’t have to track down different pieces of information, such as photos on one salesperson’s phone or material orders, so you can efficiently build out the estimate.

With AccuLynx templates, you can create a roofing estimate document that you can reuse for all your jobs. Having a standardized template helps you fill out the information more quickly and provides a more professional feel to your documents. You can either use one of AccuLynx’s pre-built templates or turn your own estimate into a digital template to reuse for other roofing projects.

Roofing Sales Tip #7: Provide payment and financing options

If the job you estimate is a retail job, it can get expensive for the homeowner, so it is essential to discuss payment options and plans with your homeowner. Providing online credit card and ACH payments, as well as offering monthly financing can help ease the cost burden and make your jobs more affordable.

With AccuLynx, you can offer financing right from your job estimate so that your homeowners can easily access multiple competitive loan options and apply. This process creates no extra work for you, and it doesn’t affect your homeowner’s credit score. Right from the estimate, you can provide a link that will redirect your homeowner to apply for financing through our AccuLynx financing tool AccuFi, where they will see their approval status within a few minutes.

Roofing Sales Tip #8: Invest in a business management system

Investing in a business management system like AccuLynx can help streamline the sales process and ensure your team completes everything efficiently and completely. AccuLynx users can establish a sales process that ensures tasks are completed and helps provide transparency between the sales team and management. With AccuLynx, management can create custom workflows and assign specific tasks while going through the sales process, such as taking pictures or discussing financing, so that the team doesn’t miss specific steps.

Not only does a CRM system like AccuLynx help create an efficient process for your sales team, but it helps keep you organized. Everything your team gathers throughout the sales process, such as photos, communication, measurements, and materials, are saved in one centralized area for easy access throughout the job. See how AccuLynx can help your sales team in a custom demo.

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