3 Ways Automations Can Help You Take Your Customer Service Game to the Next Level

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For both large and small roofing companies, efficient communication and outstanding customer service is a major component of ensuring that your business is functioning properly.You want to make sure that your customers are being well taken care of throughout the lifecycle of a project.

How can roofing contractors provide top-notch customer service?

Oftentimes, it takes a dedicated staff to schedule appointments, manage fast response times with homeowners, and prepare timely invoices. Instead of having your teams spend hours every day sending emails to homeowners, setting reminders, and texting updates to crews, simple automations can let them focus on important tasks, instead of routine communications. The AccuLynx Automation Manager gives roofers the ability to provide excellent customer service.

There are plenty of ways to use the Automation Manager to ensure your customers are staying informed, and your staff doesn’t miss a beat. Use these three tips to automate your communications, save time and increase customer happiness.

Tip #1: Keep customers informed with easier and more frequent updates

Providing top-notch customer service often means helping homeowners stay up to date on their project as it progresses. Don’t leave them in the dark! Build a series of automations throughout the lifecycle of a project that inform them of appointments, work progress and more.

  • Always send an initial appointment reminder email. Besides critical information like the date and time, include the name, contact information or even a picture of the person who will be meeting your new customer.
  • Send a confirmation text message a few hours before the appointment to remind the homeowner that you will be arriving, and give them the option to reschedule if necessary.
  • Set a task for your project manager to follow-up with the homeowner with a personal phone call before work begins, or after a project is completed.
  • Automatically send maintenance tips, and a post-work survey once a project is finished.

roofing automation tasks

Tip #2: Use Tasks to Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

A lot of small steps are involved in roofing jobs, especially if they are insurance or retail-based. During your busiest seasons when your teams are working on multiple projects at once, it can be helpful to assign them tasks so that no step is skipped, and projects don’t fall behind.

  • When a job is marked as “Approved”, set a task for your project manager to pull all the necessary permits for the work. This will ensure that your project can get started as soon as possible.
  • Task your office administrator to start processing any down payments so your cash flow stays in the green.
  • Remind your project managers to provide daily or weekly update reports to the customer.

Your customer won’t see what goes on behind the scenes, but they will know that everything went according to plan.

Tip #3: Stay On Top of Changes As They Happen

In roofing, changes can come at any time! Whether your project is delayed due to a storm, you need to reschedule another available crew, or your material delivery is running late, automations can instantly notify your teams so they always have the latest information.

  • Send an updated appointment email to your field rep if a potential customer needs to reschedule their appointment. If that sales rep is unable to take the meeting, you’ll be able to reschedule with someone who can, so the customer is not inconvenienced.
  • If the Start Work Date is impacted, set a task for your project manager to call your customer and confirm a reschedule date.
  • Send a confirmation text to the homeowner when any appointment is changed, so they know you have it handled.

Automations to help you deliver superior customer service are available now. Create your automations today!

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