Create Automations in AccuLynx to Save You Hours Every Week

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When was the last time you went on vacation and when you came back, all of your emails and tasks were already done? For most people, the answer is⸺never!

A lot goes on behind the scenes at a roofing business. Hundreds, if not thousands of emails, texts and tasks are sent by your staff every day, reminding new customers of their appointments, notifying sales teams when a project milestone is met, and sharing information on material deliveries or schedule changes. While all of this communication is vital to the profitability of your roofing business, sending each of these emails, or manually setting tasks is time consuming.

To help your roofing business streamline and standardize your communications, while making sure nothing slips through the cracks, AccuLynx has created the Automation Manager that lets you automate these routine tasks. By using this tool, you have the ability to send automated transaction emails and text messages to your customers, insurance adjusters, inspectors, crews, and members of your team, as well as set tasks for your users. And by customizing these automations for your roofing company, you can rest assured that no one will forget to send an email, or miss an assigned task.

How does the Automation Manager work?

Automations are implemented based on triggers that you set within your AccuLynx account. These triggers, such as moving a job milestone from “Prospect” to “Approved” enable actions like sending a welcome email to the customer. You have the ability to create and customize these triggers and the resulting actions based on the criteria options available.

Some example email automations you can create might include,

Job Events: These triggers are based off of job-related functions, like when a job has been submitted or an appointment has been created.

Sample Automation: Sending an email to confirm an initial customer appointment.

Milestone Changes: These are based off of when milestone changes occur.

Sample Automation: When a job has been moved to the Approved milestone, create a task to pull a permit, build an order, or file a supplement.

Order-Related Events: These triggers are based on common things around orders, whether they are being created, there is a change in status, or the order is completed.

Sample Automation: Texting your project manager when a material order delivery date changes.

Customizing your automations in AccuLynx

You can use the Automation Manager to communicate with customers, insurance adjusters, inspectors, crews, members of your team, and more! Customize automations in three simple steps—

Step 1: Select Your Trigger

Determine if you are sending an email, a text or assigning a task. Then select when the trigger should happen— like 3 days before the appointment.

Step 2: Create Your Action

For Emails: Customize your standard emails using dynamic tags, pulled from information that already exists in AccuLynx.

For Texts: Send custom automated text messages to job contacts and other AccuLynx users.

For Tasks: Choose who tasks are assigned by, who they are assigned to, when the task is due, and the priority of the task (normal or high).

For all your actions, you can set when you want the action to occur.

Step 3: Turn On Your Automation!

Getting Started:

Creating automations is easy—we’ve already created sample, editable automations for new and seasoned roofers, as well as a helpful Wizard and tutorial videos to show you each step.

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  • Hi! I found your article to be soooo usefull!

  • Can you send automations to secondary contacts/emails? This would be EXTREMELY helpful when it comes to working with property management groups who have many leads/jobs under the same primary contact. But provide tenant information as the secondary contact to set up inspection and construction times with.

    I would love to be able to send automated emails to my secondary contacts/tenants in these situations with their project manager’s photo/contact info, and appt times.

    • Hannah Henkel
      May 13, 2021 9:14 am

      Hi Taylor – Thanks for the feedback! We understand how a feature like this could be helpful and we are passing along your comment to our product team.

  • How can I add live links to auto texts? Thanks!

  • Is there automation to send follow-ups to new leads that haven’t responded or leads that received a quote but haven’t signed?

    • Hi Melanie – While there is not an exact automation, you can set a task automation to follow up with leads in a certain number of days and can use an email template to create an easily editable follow-up email.


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