How Dynasty Building Solutions’ Staff Got Up to Speed with AccuLynx’s User-Friendly Roofing Software

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Getting started with any new software takes time. You have to do training, understand which tasks to use it for, and so on. For the new office manager at Dynasty Building Solutions, a Florida-based residential and commercial roof replacement and restoration company, getting up to speed with user-friendly roofing software, AccuLynx, was an easy process.

Dynasty began using AccuLynx since they opened for business over four years ago. They decided to implement the user-friendly roofing software to help streamline their sales process and all-in-all just have their business run smoothly.

With many of their employees having been there from the beginning, they’ve all become well-versed in the software and use it across sales, out in the field, and in the office. But for their new team member, Brooke, it was a whole new process. 

A Roofing Software Rookie

Brooke English joined Dynasty in May of 2017 as their new office manager. She was brought onboard to help the office staff improve productivity and be more effective. 

While she had previous experience in a similar role, the roofing industry was a new one for her. On top of having to get used to her new everyday tasks, she had to do a lot of learning about all of the moving parts of a roofing business. There was a lot on her plate and little time to learn it all. One of those things was getting familiar with AccuLynx.

“I had heard how much AccuLynx helped the company get organized, but had never used it before,” Brooke said.

user-friendly roofing software

Thrown into a New Process

When starting any new position, there’s always an adjustment period for learning the ins and outs of the company, as well as understanding the expectations for the role. With being so busy trying to play catch-up, getting the office in order and learning the new industry, it left very little time for training sessions on the software she’d be using on a daily basis. 

“I was sort of thrown into the process,” Brooke said, referring to using AccuLynx.

Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, live activity feeds, easy to digest reporting and organized lead management, she didn’t find herself struggling to figure out how everything worked.

“It’s very user-friendly,” she said of AccuLynx’s software.

Getting the Hang of Things

After just a few weeks of being in her new position, Brooke was a pro when it came to using AccuLynx. With AccuLynx’s user-friendly roofing software features and more organized data, she was able to manage the office on a daily basis and provide insight to different departments.

Brooke felt that the entire system was completely straightforward and not overwhelming with the amount of data that was available. “It only took me a few weeks to feel like I had mastered how AccuLynx worked and how it benefited Dynasty.”

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Getting settled in with a new company in a different industry can be hard. Especially when you’re stepping into a position that is cross-functional. Focus should be on making sure things are organized and running smoothly, not trying to figure out an overly complicated piece of software. AccuLynx provides a user-friendly experience to make sure any team member can jump in at any time and know exactly what to do, without spending hours in training sessions.

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