AccuLynx Integrations to Keep Your Roofing Business Touch-Free

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Integrations to Help Streamline Your Digital Roofing Business

In order to assuage customer concerns around coronavirus, many roofing companies are promoting “touch-free services”. They’re taking steps to reduce the amount of in-person contact and job site visits necessary in order to complete jobs. Not only does this help protect customers and employees, it also positions these roofing companies as considerate, forward-thinking businesses that can be trusted during challenging times. Offering touch-free services can help your roofing business, too—but you’ll need the right tools to make sure you can still be efficient and productive while keeping your distance.

AccuLynx offers a variety of integrations with the top roofing industry tools, including ones that can help your business achieve the goal of becoming touch-free. Here are a few of the best integrations for reducing in-person visits and keeping you and your customers safe.

Aerial Measurement Tools

Many roofers already use aerial measurement services like EagleView or GAF QuickMeasure so they don’t have to climb a ladder in order to give an accurate estimate. But aerial measurements are also very helpful in reducing the amount of visits to the job site. You don’t need to be onsite in order to get the information you need about the roof, and you can review the measurements from the comfort of your home. If you don’t already use aerial measurements, now is the time to start relying on them for your estimates.

Reduce in-person visits and increase efficiency with aerial measurements.

The AccuLynx integration with EagleView and SkyMeasure makes things even easier. You can order aerial measurements directly from the AccuLynx platform, making it convenient and fast to get the measurements you need. And once you have those measurements, you can use them to populate an estimate in AccuLynx as well. You can create digital templates for estimates (and other documents) which can be automatically populated with customer information, measurements from EagleView/SkyMeasure, and more. Then those estimates can be sent electronically, making the estimating process not only seamless and accurate, but also touch-free.

Online Supply Ordering

In accordance with the latest coronavirus guidelines, many roofing supply companies have limited their hours or moved to online ordering only, and may be harder to reach by phone. If you’re used to calling your supplier to get pricing, this is likely an adjustment for you. Online ordering is now the primary way for roofing contractors to get the supplies they need, and the more efficient and streamlined the process, the less time they’ll have to spend navigating it.

abc supply online ordering

AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply, the largest roofing supplier. This has two major benefits for roofers who use both AccuLynx and ABC Supply. First, it makes it simple and painless to order from ABC Supply online. You can order directly through AccuLynx from the entire catalog of supplies. Second, your preferred ABC Supply pricing is integrated into AccuLynx as well, so even when you’re ordering online, you’re still getting the same pricing you would by calling your branch. With the ABC Supply integration, AccuLynx users can order supplies online with minimal hassle and have access to any preferred pricing or special deals. And when you order online, you’re not just saving time—you’re also helping your business (and your supplier) remain touch-free.

Hail Maps

Weather doesn’t stop, even during a pandemic. But evaluating storm damage gets a little trickier if you’re trying to reduce visits to the job site. Roofers will need to rely more heavily on the information that hail maps and other weather tracking services provide in order to evaluate where storms hit the hardest and which leads are worth pursuing.

AccuLynx integrates with two leading hail map providers, HailWatch and CoreLogic Hail Maps. You can see information from these providers directly in your AccuLynx account, making it easier for you to understand and analyze storm information and use it in your decision-making process. This integration also means that all your team members will have access to the hail maps, no matter where they are. Accessing storm data can be done while working remotely, and the information can be stored alongside other lead information, helping you make decisions about which jobs to pursue. Instead of knocking on a homeowner’s door to ask about storm damage, you can evaluate potential damage virtually, from anywhere.

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Going touch-free is doable for roofing contractors, and it’s a great way to keep your employees and customers safe while still completing your work. As you adjust to running a touch-free business, roofing software will be a key component of your new strategy—and the best roofing software features robust integrations to bring you even more benefits. Using these integrations can help your business stay safe and productive during this challenging time.

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  • Very helpful article. I wonder if there’s a possibility of creating custom integrations with AccuLynx? For example, if I’m already using a CRM for my business, would it be possible to have AccyLynx talk to this CRM?

    • Hannah Henkel
      January 12, 2021 3:02 pm

      Hi Sadek – Feel free to reach out to our sales team at They’ll be able to answer any of your specific questions about our software and talk through how AccuLynx can work for your business.


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