Is Your Roofing Business Prepared for Storm Season?

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It’s officially spring and we all know that means storm season isn’t too far behind. From tornadoes in the midwest to hail storms in the southeast, every region is facing some type of rough weather. But, is your storm roofing business prepared?

Here are some ways to make sure you and your crew are ready for this storm season.

storm roofing damage

Weather Tracking Technology

One of the most popular tools roofers use is weather tracking tools. This type of storm roofing technology can predict all of the areas near you that are at the center of wind storms, hurricanes and hail storms, all before the damage has even occurred. 

Weather tracking technology provides roofers with complete weather history, maps of the affected areas, aerial views and more. With these tools, you can stay ahead of your local competition and help prepare your crews.

Up-to-Date Equipment

Having updated tools and equipment is essential for any storm roofing job. But, when it comes to cleaning up the aftermath of heavy hail damage or storm damage, it’s even more important. Not only will it help in getting the job done on time, but it’s also crucial for your crew’s safety.

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From new storm roofing boots to harnesses to ladders, there’s a lot to consider updating when harsh weather conditions hit and it can be a big expense to add new equipment. But, it’s worth it. Making sure your crew has the best tools they need to perform the job properly—and remain safe—will not only save you headaches in the long run, but help you produce the best finished product customers are looking for during a rough time. 

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Extra Bandwidth

Being short staffed during storm season can lead to issues when it comes to job management. If your crew is dealing with multiple cases of hail storm damage, being able to deliver on repairs in a timely manner could cost your company a job or two. 

When preparing for upcoming storms or rough weather, you can plan to hire a few temporary field team members to help even out the workload. By adding a few contract workers, you have the bandwidth to get to a majority of the job inquiries after a storm.

Making sure your company is prepared for the upcoming storm roofing season can not only help you avoid any bumps, but can also streamline production so you can tend to more jobs. 

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