Be the Expert: Guiding Homeowners Through Insurance Restoration Repairs

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The insurance restoration process can be a confusing and difficult one for homeowners.

Their property has been damaged by storms, and now they face the challenges of dealing with an insurance company as well as finding someone to make the repairs. As an insurance restoration contractor, you have an opportunity to not only repair the damage, but also offer great customer service. When you provide strong guidance to homeowners during their insurance restoration repairs and lead them through the process, you establish yourself as a trusted expert and enhance the reputation of your business. Here are a few ways provide an expert insurance restoration experience to the customer.

Communicate Clearly About Expert Insurance Restoration Repairs

Homeowners dealing with storm damage are concerned about their property. They’re uncertain about the nature of the damage and what it will take to repair it. They’re wary of scammers or roofers promising repairs that are too good to be true. And their heads may be spinning with information overload, as they speak to roofers and their insurance company about repairs.

In this situation, a little clarity goes a long way. Take the time to explain the nature of the damage, what may have caused it, and what steps are necessary to fix it. Outline the repair process, including how long it might take, so the customer has a better understanding of how you work. Don’t just cover the “what”—cover the “why” as well. It might seem like a lot of effort to explain these things, but it’s effort that will pay off. Homeowners want to work with expert insurance restoration businesses they trust, and when you communicate clearly about your repairs, you can start earning that trust before work begins.

Working with Insurance Companies After Storm Damage

One great way to help homeowners understand insurance restoration repairs is to show them photos. Since they can’t get up on the roof themselves, documenting the damage and your work with photos makes it crystal clear how the job is progressing. And sometimes a picture is more impactful than words when it comes to customer understanding. Roofing software apps, such as the AccuLynx Field App, allow roofers to easily take photos to show customers and annotate them with text or arrows.

Provide Assistance in the Insurance Claims Process

Perhaps the most stressful part of insurance restoration repairs is dealing with the insurance company. For some homeowners, this could be the first time using their insurance to help repair damage, so the process will be completely unfamiliar to them. It may not be clear to them what their insurance covers or how to file a claim. In almost all cases, you as the expert insurance restoration contractor will have much more experience with the ins and outs of the claims process.

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It’s important to pass that expertise along to the homeowner and guide them through the process. From the start, you can let customers know what to expect from the insurance company, what will need to be determined before repairs can begin, and how payment works. You can give them tips and insight into filing a claim. You can even offer to have the insurance company contact you directly if they have any questions about the damage. Providing this valuable insight and assistance is a win-win—not only do you increase customer trust and benefit your reputation, you also make the process more efficient for your business.

Make Your Own Work Efficient

You’ve established a reputation as a business that understands the industry and is willing to work with customers to ensure the best outcomes. Your customers trust you because of the time you’ve taken to explain the claims and insurance restoration process. Now you need to back that reputation up with excellent, efficient work.

Because insurance companies can take a long time to approve claims, it’s especially important for expert insurance restoration contractors to make their portion of the process run as smoothly as possible. Homeowners may already be impatient about delays, and errors or roadblocks at this stage of the game can increase their frustration. Streamlining your processes goes a long way towards customer satisfaction—and helps you complete all your work more efficiently.

Using a roofing software system like AccuLynx increases your capacity for more efficient work. With all your job information stored in one easily accessible place, your business can stay organized and your teams can stay up-to-date on the latest customer instructions. AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply, allowing you to save time by ordering directly from the platform. And with the SmartDocs and eSign features, it’s easy to send documents to the customer and have them signed electronically, reducing the number of times you have to return to a job site. Keeping the homeowner informed about insurance restoration repairs is one half of great customer service, but it’s not complete without excellent work to back it up.

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Insurance restoration repairs can seem daunting and overwhelming to homeowners. As an expert in your industry, you can guide homeowners through the process, help them understand their insurance, and deliver excellent work as you repair their roofs. And by doing so, you’ll not only make the process run more smoothly for your business, you’ll also receive a valuable boost to your reputation.

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