Providing Customers with Accurate Roofing Estimates

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Accurate roofing estimates are one of the most important things a homeowner looks for when deciding on a contractor. You wouldn’t want to be quoted one price and then once the job is done, receive a bill for a higher amount than what you were originally told. 

Here are some ways you can make sure you are giving your customers accurate roofing estimates from the start:

Order Aerial Measurements

While materials and labor are a big factor with estimates, the main item that determines a price is measurements. Measurements can be a tricky thing to get. You have to climb the roof, exam the area and measure the entire space. 

Aerial measurement ordering takes away the hassle of having to do measurements by hand. With companies like EagleView, you can actually locate the home you are planning on building an estimate for and order the roofing measurements. By working with an aerial measurement company, this ensures nothing is missed and the numbers are accurate.

accurate roofing estimates from the start

Document Any Damage

While aerial measurement orders might help with how much time you spend on a homeowner’s roof, it doesn’t eliminate it completely. As you know, most inquiries for a roofer have to do with damage from either weather or just simple wear and tear. Assessing the damage can play a big part in an estimate.

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Documenting any roofing damage with photos and videos helps keep any surprises from coming up. This way the homeowner is fully aware of what is going on and what the cost will be to repair it. 

Don’t Rush

While making the sales is a priority, estimates take time and careful review. You have to make sure all of the correct items are there, damage has been factored in, as well as labor and materials. But, sometimes a sales member might not be able to accurately assess how many crew members will be needed and the materials or it’s some damage they haven’t seen before.

Taking the proper time to get expert opinions and creating a more accurate estimate will help not only when securing a sale, but will help build trust with your customer.

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Building out an accurate estimate can be a time-consuming task. But, when you’re able to provide a homeowner with the correct amount and avoid any surprises, it will help establish credibility and even produce more business.

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