CRM Software for Insurance Restoration Contractors

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What to Look for in a CRM for Restoration Contractors Before You Buy

Whether you’re just starting out a new business or you’re thinking about how to take your business to the next level, implementing software has probably crossed your mind at some point. But, where do you start?

As an insurance restoration contractor, you rely heavily on project management processes to keep your jobs moving forward. But it’s data that can really drive your business ahead. The right reports can unlock critical insights into every function of your business– but understanding this data can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to reporting on the criteria that matter to you.

How can you take advantage of what your data already knows about your business? A CRM for restoration contractors can help you access the right data and identify areas for improvement. Sales is an area of your business that can benefit greatly, as contractor software gives reps the tools to follow up on hot leads faster and close more deals.

Insurance restoration contractors also benefit from CRMs that provide the ability to:

  • Import leads from other software platforms so you have everything in one place
  • Turn around estimates to potential customers quickly
  • Access your project/customer data from the office or the field

When deciding on what CRM software works best for your insurance restoration business, it’s important to look at the areas you are wanting to improve. No matter if you’re looking to improve things like organization or speed up your sales process with aerial measurement reports, knowing what you want for your business will help you choose restoration contractor software that’s right for you.

CRM Software for Insurance Restoration Contractors

Looking at where your company’s process is struggling or missing the mark is the first step to deciding on the right software. Is your office missing double data entry? Are you delivering inaccurate estimates? Wherever you’re seeing snags in your process, this can be a deciding factor if you should choose a standard CRM or if you should go with roofing software to improve your business processes.

But, what are the benefits of going with a CRM for restoration contractors?

Benefit #1: Time Management

Having the ability to upload important documents, assign tasks, track job costs, add and share photos with your crew, schedule labor and deliveries and share customer information, can save your business time and help your teams stay organized.

Benefit #2: Crew Scheduling

Many roofing businesses use a number of different crews to complete projects. Having restoration contractor software where you and your production team can view all labor assignments and material deliveries can help keep all your teams in the loop. You can see which crews have availability and who is working which jobs with an intuitive calendar. Your production staff will be able to plan and schedule all of your company’s labor and material deliveries.

Learn more about how the AccuLynx Crew App can streamline your roofing business.

Benefit #3: Order Management

Which labor and material orders are outstanding? You need a one-stop-shop for all of the relevant details associated with your jobs. From there, you can see which orders need your immediate attention, or drill into each order to view more details and make edits. You’ll need to review labor tickets, material orders, crew assignments, and subcontractor information, with all accompanying documentation.

Benefit #4: Custom Reporting

Insurance restoration company software offers custom reporting that is important to your roofing business. Instead of basic reports that just focus on leads and finances, these reports allow roofing businesses to view job milestones, calculate estimates, place material orders, and other data that is vital. Custom reporting features allow you to create specific reports to view a variety of areas of operation. Whether your office staff wants a report of last month’s finances or if your sales team wants weekly reports of their efforts, you can set up reports to pull this information and have them delivered to the appropriate team members as often as needed.

Read More: The ROI of Roofing Reports – How Understanding Your Data Can Impact Your Bottom Line

The decision to move away from spreadsheets and paper files to a CRM for restoration contractors can be intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right restoration contractor software for your business can be easy. All you have to do is look at what your business needs and what are long-term goals are for the company. Then you’ll be able to narrow down the best solutions.

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  • John Hanlon
    June 15, 2019 3:15 pm

    AS an Acculynx user, is the Restoration CRM software a different program than the one that we have?

    • Michelle Mittelman
      June 19, 2019 2:46 pm

      It’s the same software. If you’re looking to talk to a customer support rep, they can answer any questions you might have! Give them a call at 608-473-3800


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