Top 5 Roofing Tools Recommended by Industry Leaders

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There are a lot of factors that make a roofing company successful. From having an experienced crew to a solid business process. But, a lot of people may not realize that tools play a big part in a roofing business’s success.

Here are five of the most popular roofing tools recommended by industry leaders.

Hitachi Roof Nailer

All roofers know that replacing, repairing or adding any new roof can’t be done without a roof nailer.

Roofing tools like the Hitachi roof nailer, are perfect for doing the job. With high durability and maneuverability, this brand of roofing nailers is designed to last your labor crew members a long time and never fail on the job.

Magnetic Nail Sweeper

None of your crew members have the time or patience to comb over the entire jobsite looking for every nail that’s fallen to the ground.

A magnetic nail sweeper is a must-have roofing tool for every roofing company. This tool is designed to help keep the job site safe for crew members—as well as homeowners—by reducing the potential for puncture injuries. This roofing tool clears the site of any nails that may have been dropped during the project. Not only will it make customers happy knowing they don’t have to worry about a trip to the hospital or a flat tire, but it will also make you feel a little better knowing your crew is safe as well.

Equipter 4000

It’s no secret that cleaning up after repairing or replacing a roof is a difficult task. Making sure nothing gets left behind along with not damaging the homeowner’s property can become very time consuming and costly.

By using roofing trailers like Equipter’s 4000, your roofing crews can dispose of debris easily, without damaging the customer’s yard or home. With features like hydraulic lifts, materials can be discarded right away, speeding up the cleaning process.

best roofing tools

Estwing Hammer

One of the most basic, and important, roofing tools that need to be in every crew member’s toolbox is the hammer. A lot of roofers know there is a huge difference between one hammer and another. Things like weight and durability are big factors into what makes a good hammer for roofing.

A popular model among many roofers is the Estwing hammer. Many industry leaders have noted that this model lasts a very long time. With a weight of 16 oz., many roofers have said it’s the perfect amount because it’s light enough to be tossed around, but heavy enough to get the job done.

Fiberglass-Handled Tear Off Bar

Removing shingles is one of the toughest parts of replacing or restoring a roof. The easiest way to clear them before you start laying the new roof is by using a tear off bar.

Most roofers prefer tear off bars that have a fiberglass handle. Not only is this type a lightweight choice, but it also provides the extra strength needed to get the shingles off.

With all of these roofing tools in your toolbox, you and your labor crews are sure to be able to deliver top-notch work to customers.

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