How 3 Businesses Used a Roofing Contractor CRM to Work Smarter

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Your roofing business is looking for a solution to some of your most pressing problems. You’ve been researching technology that could help with business management, including roofing CRM software. But you’re wondering how software can really benefit your roofing business. How do real roofers use this technology? And has it helped them with the same problems you’re having?

At AccuLynx, we frequently talk to roofers who use our software about how it helps them meet their business goals, deal with challenges, and prepare them for greater growth. And we’ve collected their stories to help other roofers decide whether software is right for them. Here’s how three businesses used a roofing contractor CRM to work smarter.

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Synchronizing Teams for Smoother Work

One of the most important functions of a roofing contractor CRM is to help you streamline the day-to-day tasks of your business. From accessing information about a job to organizing your paperwork to visualizing how work is progressing, roofing software can increase the efficiency of all aspects of your business. And more efficient businesses have more time to spend on what’s most important, like developing a growth strategy, selling more jobs, and delivering great customer service.

A storm restoration business in the Midwest experienced this firsthand when they started using AccuLynx. Initially, the business was using a CRM software that wasn’t designed to meet the needs of roofing contractors, which meant they had to adapt the software to the way they functioned instead of the other way around. Staff were spending a lot of time hunting down information and keeping things organized, software adoption rates were low, and employees were frustrated. The owner realized he needed to find a new software solution in order to improve the efficiency of his business.

With AccuLynx, employees could be more productive and communicate quickly and easily. Everyone in the office could see all the details on a job in one place, as well as what was happening with each job as it progressed. Sales and production teams reduced the time spent on work that took them away from their core roles, and increased their productivity and efficiency on the essential aspects of the roofing business. The result? Revenue quadrupled, and their production levels are among the highest in the Twin Cities region.

Improving Business Management

Back in the day, all roofers had to manage their businesses with pen and paper. As technology has progressed, new solutions for business management emerge every year—but many roofing businesses still rely on the same methods they’ve been using for years. When you implement a roofing contractor CRM to manage your business, you can more easily track all your jobs, keep your information safe and secure, and prevent loss and errors in your documentation. Making the switch can open up new possibilities for communication and collaboration in your work.

A roofing business in Tulsa wanted to grow, but was being held back by the fact that all their information was in paper files. In order to improve their organization and ensure everyone on their team had access to the same information, they decided to start using AccuLynx as their business management technology. The goal was staying organized, working efficiently, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Adopting AccuLynx as their roofing contractor CRM helped this business centralize all their information, leading to greater visibility into their work and improved employee accountability. They’ve been able to eliminate manual processes and collaborate better across their teams, with the result that the business as a whole is performing better and customers are more satisfied.

Enabling Greater Growth

At the end of the day, all roofing businesses want to grow. Finding ways to ensure you can continue to expand your growth potential, increase your revenue and boost your profits are on every roofer’s mind. A roofing contractor CRM can be a valuable tool for kick-starting and maintaining greater business growth. With tools that improve your efficiency and save you time, roofing software is an important component of your growth strategy.

One roofing business in northern Virginia saw explosive growth when they switched to AccuLynx. The owner knew that roofing software would be a key component of his growth strategy, and selected AccuLynx as the best solution. With our software, the roofing business was able to better manage their leads and move jobs along efficiently. This increased efficiency helped the sales team close more deals within their target market and maximize their business growth. Within a year of using AccuLynx, this roofing business had grown from $5 million to $12 million in revenue—a testament to the power of a roofing contractor CRM to help businesses deliver great work more efficiently.

Whether your business has goals like the three above, or another challenge that has you searching for a solution, roofing software can help you work more smoothly, manage your business more effectively, and continue to grow sustainably. If you want to read more about how AccuLynx has helped businesses like yours, check out our case studies and testimonials here.

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