3 Ways AccuLynx Roofing Sales Software Can Help You Close The Deal

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The roofing industry is and always will be highly competitive. So, what are you doing to get ahead of the competition to close more deals? Even the smallest competitive advantage could be the difference between increased sales and losing out on business to your competitors.

AccuLynx roofing sales software can help you stand out from the crowd and be the company homeowners choose each time. AccuLynx has a variety of tools that help roofing contractors stay on top of their sales pipeline.

Lead Intelligence Feature in AccuLynx roofing sales software.

1. Know who your leads are and focus on the right opportunities

Your sales pipeline could be flooded with leads at any given time, and it can be challenging to know which ones to prioritize. You don’t want to waste your time pursuing leads that won’t turn into customers and lose out on those that would.

At AccuLynx, we know how much work goes into evaluating lead quality. That’s why we developed our Lead Intelligence feature. This tool uses artificial intelligence and third-party data to predict a homeowner’s buying behavior and automatically assign a score, or “Lead Rank,” to each lead that comes into AccuLynx. It provides you with a snapshot of permission-based indicators (demographic, financial, and property-based information) to determine their likelihood of converting to a customer.

Using this roofing sales software tool lets you focus on the right leads and takes the guesswork out of which ones to pursue.

2. Create a digital experience for homeowners

Our roofing sales software brings the entire experience online, making the process more convenient for you and the homeowner. Doing so will eliminate the need for multiple house visits, or having to keep track of important documents.

Build custom templates for your estimates

AccuLynx lets you build estimates from a library of custom templates that can be used again and again. Estimates are fast and easy to create, so you can provide multiple options to the homeowner on the spot, or send via email.

Through integrations with material suppliers (ABC Supply, Beacon, SRS), and aerial measurement providers (EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure), you will be able to create accurate estimates within minutes.

Our material supplier integrations let you view up-to-date pricing, availability, and place orders without having to leave AccuLynx, while our aerial measurement integrations deliver measurement reports right to your job file so you don’t have to measure the roof yourself. Both integrations save you time and prevent inaccuracies in the estimate.

Now you’ve got an accurate estimate to present to the homeowner, but what if they still have concerns about cost?

Offer convenient financing options

Financing options are available through AccuFi in AccuLynx. AccuFi lets you offer competitive loan options to homeowners right from our roofing software programs.

Homeowners can fill out a pre-approval form with no impact to their credit score, and AccuFi immediately generates a list of pre-qualified options. The homeowner can complete a short application with approval and funding as soon as the same business day. Powered by Acorn Finance, this takes out the middleman of having to find financing elsewhere.

Person using AccuLynx roofing sales software roof reports

3. Put your sales data to work

Our roofing sales software puts everything you need into one place, from getting the right lead to closing the sale. Now it’s time to put all of that data to use to stay competitive in the future.

AccuLynx lets you run reports to help identify new opportunities, including sales goals, and sales rep performance, which can help you close even more deals in the future, while also helping you potentially save– and make more money.

Running a materials report, for example, will give you insight into your company’s ordering habits and overall spending. You’ll be able to see how much was ordered for each job and what was actually used. This can save you money in the future by giving you a better understanding of what is needed for specific jobs. This knowledge can potentially help bring down costs for you and the homeowner, and prevent having to order more materials later.

At the end of the day, money is what is going to keep your business going. AccuLynx also offers payments received and job expense reports. These reports give contractors a clear picture of how much money is coming in and going out in total, and per job. This will let you plan for the future by giving you insights into which jobs are profitable for your business and which are not.

Using roofing software programs like AccuLynx, keeps all of this information in one spot, as well. There’s no need to bounce between software and Excel Spreadsheets and hope all of the information was entered correctly.

Laptop and phone both showing the AccuLynx Dashboard.

Get started with AccuLynx roofing sales software

AccuLynx gives you and your sales team everything you need to close more deals, satisfy your customers, and plan for the future. See how AccuLynx can make a difference for your business and gain you an advantage over your competitors. Schedule a demo.

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