What’s New in AccuLynx Roofing CRM: The Latest 2020 Product Updates

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2020 has been an unusual year for everyone in the roofing industry, and many things have looked different than we expected. But here at AccuLynx, one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to constantly innovating our roofing CRM software so you can manage your business more effectively.

Throughout 2020, we’ve continued to roll out CRM updates, enhancements, and new features based on customer feedback and industry trends. From new ways to connect with customers to functionality tweaks that make using the software more intuitive, we’ve added a lot to AccuLynx this year. Here are some of the new things we’re most excited about.

Communication CRM Updates

Connecting with customers, reaching out to prospects, and updating team members can take a lot of time and effort. New AccuLynx features released this year are designed to help you save time, simplify your communication, and improve your customer service.

Automated Emails, Texts and Tasks

In the new Automation Manager, AccuLynx users can create automated emails, texts and tasks that are triggered based on job events, job milestone changes, and order-related events. You can customize the triggers and the content of the automations based on the needs of your business.

There are many ways you can use roofing CRM automations to simplify routine communication and make sure nothing falls through the cracks, such as:

  • Creating a task to pull a permit when a job is moved to the Approved stage
  • Setting up a text message reminder to send to a homeowner when an appointment is scheduled
  • Sending a follow-up email when a job is completed

Since these texts, emails, and tasks are sent automatically every time the condition is met, you’ll never forget to reach out to your team members and customers, and you’ll save significant time on day-to-day communication.

roofing crm for texting

Two-Way Texting

We’ve also added two-way texting capabilities to AccuLynx. You can send and receive text messages to any of your contacts directly from an AccuLynx lead or job record—including photo messages. Your texts in AccuLynx are sent from a unique local number, so your contacts will know the messages are coming from you. When your contact replies, you’ll get a notification in AccuLynx so you can continue the conversation. All the messages you send or receive will be saved to their respective job files, giving you an easily accessible record of all your communications. The texting CRM updates in AccuLynx will help you reach your contacts more easily using a method that many customers prefer, right from the same roofing CRM software that you use to manage the rest of your business.

Customizable Email Headers and Bios

We know professional-looking communications are essential to great customer service. So we’ve made it possible for you to customize the headers and bios in all the emails you send through AccuLynx. This allows you to brand your emails and provide a consistent look and feel to your messaging. You can add custom text, photos, a company logo and more in the email template builder and apply these headers and bios across all your messages.

New CRM Payment Updates

Having multiple payment options for your customers became more important than ever in 2020, as contractors adapted to COVID-19 regulations and offered touch-free service. At AccuLynx, we added more ways to help you get paid on time and process payments electronically.

AccuPay Payment Processing

The AccuPay CRM update allows contractors to process credit, debit, and ACH transactions directly in AccuLynx. With this fully integrated, secure electronic payment solution, you can request and process payments and apply them directly to a job, helping you keep track of outstanding payments and get paid faster. You’ll be able to accept payments from anywhere and offer your customers more convenient payment options.

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Integrated Financing With GreenSky®

The need to pay up front can be a barrier to many potential customers. AccuLynx has partnered with GreenSky®, one of the leading providers of consumer financing for home improvements, to help you offer financing to homeowners. Your customers can choose from a range of loan options approved by your company, and the simple eligibility requirements help them get approved quickly so your project can move forward. Everything is processed directly in AccuLynx, making it simple for you to overcome pricing objections and walk homeowners through the application process.

Aerial Measurement CRM Updates

AccuLynx integrates with EagleView and SkyMeasure, two of the leading aerial measurement providers, to help roofing CRM software users streamline the estimating process and bring together every aspect of their business. In order to keep up with the changing measurement marketplace and offer our customers the best user experience, we updated our integrations this year to include some new improvements.

roofing crm for estimating

More Report Types

We’ve made new report types available to order from EagleView and SkyMeasure through AccuLynx. Your business can take advantage of a full range of roofing reports for residential and commercial buildings, as well as gutters, walls, solar products, and more.

Report Bundling

Now you can bundle your roof and wall reports from EagleView or SkyMeasure. Bundling reports allows you to get multiple measurements delivered as a single report, saving you time and helping you stay organized.

Software Functionality Improvements

Roofing CRM software functionality improvements may not grab as much attention as new features, but at AccuLynx, we know they can make a huge difference in your user experience. In 2020, we made some important CRM updates to functionality based on customer feedback.

roofing crm notifications

Notification Filtering

When notifications are pouring in, it’s easy for something important to get lost in the shuffle. And if you’re looking for a past notification, it can be difficult to find. To help you stay on top of notifications more easily, AccuLynx has introduced filtering for our @Me notifications. You’ll be able to set filters based on the type of notification or the date it was received. You’ll also be able to retrieve dismissed notifications so you’ll never accidentally lose a notification.

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Permission Settings for Company Documents

Company administrators were looking for ways to store confidential documents in AccuLynx without giving access to everyone on their team. So we introduced permission settings for company documents. With this new functionality, you can create folders within a job file and set access permissions for your team members, so you’re only sharing the information you want.

Photo Management Enhancements

Organizing, managing, and sharing roofing job photos can get complicated. In order to simplify and streamline this process, AccuLynx has revamped the Job Photos and Videos tab. Our new photo management CRM updates allow you to:

  • Add detailed tags and photo descriptions for easier search
  • Sort photos by a customizable time frame
  • Use enhanced filters to view all images added by multiple users
  • Move or copy images from one job to another
  • Share photo information by printing or creating a PDF

With these enhancements to our photo tools, it’s easier than ever to keep your photos organized, share them with customers and team members, and find photos when you need them.

Search Improvements

We’ve added new functionality in a few areas to help AccuLynx users find what they’re looking for more easily. In addition to the filters, descriptions and tag options to improve search on the Job Photos and Videos page, we’ve also made some improvements to the Marketing Expenses page. You can use our new date filters and enhanced search functionality to keep track of your marketing spend more easily.

Always Innovating for Better Roofing CRM Software

At AccuLynx, we want to help roofing contractors succeed—so we’re always finding ways to improve our roofing CRM software that will help them reach that goal. Our new features and functionality CRM updates  are just one small part of the things we do to help contractors grow their businesses. We’ve got much more coming in 2021, so stay tuned.

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