How to Order an EagleView Report From AccuLynx

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Which part of the roofing sales process takes the longest time? For many contractors, the answer is estimating. Especially if you’re climbing on a roof to take measurements, it can be hard to get the accuracy you need, and it can eat up valuable time. In order to speed up the estimating process and improve accuracy, more and more contractors are taking advantage of aerial measurement reports to get the numbers they need.

To help contractors order measurements more easily, AccuLynx roofing software integrates with two of the leading aerial measurement providers, EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure. Here’s how you can use AccuLynx to order an EagleView report—and why it can benefit your business to order aerial measurements through AccuLynx.

Ordering an EagleView Report in AccuLynx

Ordering an EagleView report in AccuLynx is simple:

  • Select “EagleView” from the main dashboard, or navigate to the Measurements tab in an individual job file and select “Order Measurement”, then “Order EagleView”.
  • Select the EagleView details, such as the type of report and number of buildings.
  • Add any notes about the order that you might have.
  • Verify that the red map pin is on the correct location.
  • Submit your order.

Once your report is generated by EagleView, you’ll be able to view it directly in the AccuLynx platform as well. All reports are saved to their respective job files.

How Roofing Software Integrations for Aerial Measurement Reports Benefit Your Business

Here are a few ways that using the EagleView integration in AccuLynx can improve the way you work.

roofing software integrations for estimating

Faster Estimating

Instead of leaving AccuLynx and navigating to a different app, you can complete every step of the estimating process right from the AccuLynx platform with the EagleView integration. Using the same software for every part of your estimate will save you time and simplify your routine tasks.

Video: How to Speed Up Your Estimating Process

In addition, you can automatically transfer the measurements from your EagleView reports directly to an electronic estimate in AccuLynx, instead of having to enter the measurement numbers manually. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a complete and accurate estimate, ready to be sent to the homeowner. The EagleView integration in AccuLynx increases the efficiency of your estimating process.

Greater Accuracy

The EagleView integration in AccuLynx eliminates the need for double data entry, since you can pull the numbers from your reports directly into your estimates, material orders, and more. The result is a significant improvement in accuracy so you can have confidence that you’re estimating the cost of a job correctly. AccuLynx also integrates with leading material suppliers, so you can turn your estimates into orders and place those orders with a click of the mouse. With the EagleView and material supplier integrations in AccuLynx, your orders will always be based on the most accurate numbers, keeping overhead costs steady and ensuring you only order what you really need.

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Better Organization

When you’re working with paper folders, or many different tools, it can be easy to lose track of information and spend lots of time looking for important documents. But when you order EagleView measurements through AccuLynx, every measurement report you order is saved to the respective job file. This means that any time you need to refer back to a report, you can easily find it by going back to the job file, whether you’re in the office or in the field. The EagleView integration makes it easy to look back at measurement reports and keep all your job documents organized in a single, easily accessible location.

Roofing Software Integrations to Help You Get More Done

Using AccuLynx to order an EagleView or SkyMeasure report is a simple, convenient way to get your aerial measurements. You’ll be able to speed up the estimating process, improve your accuracy, and keep all your important documents organized. To learn more about AccuLynx integrations that can help you do business more easily, you can see a list of our other integrations here.

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