Product Update: AccuLynx Now Integrated with Door-to-Door Canvassing App Sales Rabbit

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One of the ways AccuLynx is working on improving our platform’s overall experience for our customers is to provide as many integration options as we can with programs that roofers use every day.

AccuLynx Now Integrated with Door-to-Door Canvassing App Sales Rabbit

It can be difficult for roofers to keep track of the canvassing success rates of individual sales reps, especially during high production seasons. We know that many of you use Sales Rabbit Pro to manage your door-to-door sales efforts, so we have been working on an integration to give you and your teams complete control over the opportunities in your area, mapping out your progress and enabling you to be more strategic with your time and efforts.


Sales Rabbit Integration


By enabling the Sales Rabbit integration through AccuLynx, managers can quickly map out homes for bid, and delegate those areas to their sales reps or job developers.

The new Sales Rabbit Integration allows you to automatically transfer leads from your Sales Rabbit Pro account into AccuLynx, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

With this new integration, you’ll get the flexibility to:

  • Choose when you want to transfer a lead into AccuLynx based on your selected Sales Rabbit Lead Status milestones.
  • Assign a lead source to your Sales Rabbit leads so you can track their progress and understand ROI.
  • Have leads automatically assigned to a lead owner in AccuLynx.
  • Get notifications via email and in AccuLynx when a new lead is assigned.

Enabling the Sales Rabbit Integration

Enabling the integration is a simple and easy process, which will allow you to get the most out of both applications and minimize the amount of extra work you need to do to manage data from both applications.To enable, visit the Knowledge Base in AccuLynx for a step-by-step guide.

Enable Sales Rabbit Integration

Be the Roofing Industry Expert: How to Communicate Better with Homeowners

As a professional roofing contractor, field reps often need to play the role of educator, as well as salesman. It’s important to remember that most homeowners look to you as an expert, to guide them through the process. Consider these best practices when explaining roofing terms, insurance and other related topics to homeowners.

AccuLynx is the most powerful tool for your roofing business. Simple to use software, industry-leading tools and the best customer support — AccuLynx makes it easy to grow faster than your competition. 

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