Roof Financing for Contractors: Why You Should Provide this Option to Homeowners

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Your roofing company is contacted to bid a job—the roof has an obvious need for replacing or repairs, and your sales pitch has gone off without a hitch. Now comes the difficult part of your sale: discussing the price. Roofing repairs or replacements are expensive, and even with an undeniable need for repair and the perfect sales pitch, your team will often be turned down with, “We just cannot afford it right now.” Too many sales are lost because the price is too high for homeowners to pay all at once.

But what if your customers had another option? Roof financing for contractors offers customers an alternative to paying up front and can help your sales team close more deals.

How Does Roof Financing Work?

Many homeowners find that the cost of repairing or replacing their roof is too expensive to pay all at once. With roof replacement loans and financing, this cost can be spread out over time, giving the customer some leeway when it comes to paying for their roof. Finance options allow customers to choose a plan that works for them, rather than requiring everyone to pay up front and in the same way.

Roof Financing

What Are the Benefits of Roof Financing?

There are many benefits, including:

  • Making previously unaffordable roof repairs reasonable
  • Relieving the financial burden that repair or replacement costs can place on a household
  • Allowing for personalization, rather than a one size fits all approach

These benefits remove the stress from roofing repairs or replacement, allowing the customer to pay for the repairs they need without having to worry about the overall price, financial pressure, or a payment plan that does not match their situation.

How Can This Help You Sell More Jobs?

Providing a roof financing option is not only beneficial to your customer, but to your company as well. Business lost due to pricing and the need to pay up front in full can be regained once you put financing options into place. Your sales team will no longer have to hear “it is too expensive” or “we just cannot afford it right now” when they are trying to close a deal. In fact, your sales team can even use your financing options as a selling point, giving you a competitive advantage by showing how your company is willing to work with the customer to help them pay for their roofing expenses. Customers will come away relieved they did not have to break the bank and satisfied with the work you have done. Happy customers will leave good reviews and make referrals, allowing you to make even more sales and gaining you a reputation as a business that responds well to customer needs.

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Integrated Financing with GreenSky®

AccuLynx has partnered with GreenSky® to make it easier for your company to allow roof financing. With our new integrated financing platform, you can offer your customers loans and payment plans directly within AccuLynx. GreenSky® is one of the leading companies in consumer financing for home improvements, and provides easy, secure access to consumer installment loans through the AccuLynx platform.

Using this AccuLynx integration simplifies the financing process and helps you keep track of payments. It only takes a few clicks to give your customer financing options that work for their needs, and you don’t need to leave the AccuLynx interface in order to do so. Multiple different payment plans are already set up within AccuLynx, so your customer only needs to choose which is best for them to get started. With a simple application and immediate notification of credit decisions right from AccuLynx, you can move deals forward without interrupting your selling process. And once the customer is approved for the loan, they can immediately access the funds, so you can get paid on time. AccuLynx integrated with GreenSky® is designed to give roofing contractors a solution for overcoming cost-related barriers in the sales process.

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Roofing repairs and replacements can be a costly expense and are not taken lightly by homeowners. Often a sale will fall through because the price is just too high to pay up front. However, by providing roofing financing options your company can remove some of the stress from roofing repairs and replacements, making the customer’s decision easy and affordable. Watch as your sales soar once the stress of paying up front is removed. Providing a roofing finance option not only will help you close more sales, but will also gain you more referrals because your customers will value your flexibility and share it with their friends and family. AccuLynx can make this process even easier with our new integrated financing option, which enables you to offer roofing loans right within AccuLynx.

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  • Diana Ibanez
    July 22, 2022 1:09 pm

    I am a contractor working on providing financing for my customers roofs.

  • Starli Brighton
    April 19, 2023 8:29 pm

    How interesting to know that there are options for financing with your contractor. My roof was badly damaged in a big storm two days ago. I will find a good roofing contractor to assist with this locally.


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