How the ABC Connect Integration in AccuLynx Simplifies Material Ordering for Roofing Contractors

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ABC Supply is one of the largest wholesale distributors of roofing materials. AccuLynx is the leading all-in-one business management software for roofing contractors. The integration between the AccuLynx platform and ABC Supply provides an accurate and convenient way for roofing contractors to place orders for roofing materials.

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ABC Connect: How the ABC Supply and AccuLynx Integration Works

AccuLynx uses ABC Connect to provide a Quick Order tool within our platform. With this integration, contractors who use AccuLynx have access to a real-time catalog of roofing materials for their local ABC Supply branch. They can see what materials are in stock, along with their unique, negotiated pricing.

Using the real-time catalog, roofing contractors can create and submit their roofing material orders directly to their ABC Supply branch from inside AccuLynx. Once an order is submitted through AccuLynx, the ABC Branch begins processing it and information about that order is automatically saved to the associated job file in AccuLynx.

In addition to helping roofing contractors develop more accurate estimates and place material orders faster, the ABC Connect integration offers AccuLynx users the following benefits.

Time Savings

Instead of placing an order over the phone or driving to your local branch to place an order in person, you can submit material orders directly to your local ABC Supply branch in just a few clicks, without having to leave AccuLynx. With the ABC Connect integration, there’s no need to look through a catalog of thousands of items to find what you want to order; AccuLynx stores your most frequently ordered items so ordering is fast.

Time Savings with ABC Connect

Greater Accuracy

The estimating features in AccuLynx are designed to help you calculate exactly how much you need to order. AccuLynx is integrated with aerial measurement providers to give you the most precise roofing measurements. These measurements automatically populate your estimate. In addition, estimates include a built-in waste factor calculator. Once you’ve created an estimate in AccuLynx, you can turn it into a material order and submit it directly to ABC Supply in a couple of clicks. This simple process eliminates the need for double data entry, and you can have confidence that you’re ordering only what you need.

Improved Organization

Everything you do in AccuLynx is tagged to the specific job it’s associated with. That means when you order shingles for a particular job using the ABC Connect integration in AccuLynx, that order automatically shows up in the corresponding job file, along with its status, amounts, and any past orders. There is no need to hunt for an order confirmation or file it with the job. This information is automatically associated with the job record so it’s easy to find.

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Faster Order Processing

When you submit your orders through the ABC Connect integration in AccuLynx, the branch receives the order electronically. Branch managers can start processing your order as soon as it is received. Through AccuLynx, all of your order details needed for fulfillment, including quantities, SKUs, price and delivery date, are clearly stated so there’s no confusion or back and forth. This simplified ordering process keeps you in the loop at all times. It’s easy to know when orders have processed and when to expect delivery using AccuLynx.

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