How ABC Supply and AccuLynx Make Material Ordering More Accurate and Convenient for Roofers

As the leading business management tool for roofers, AccuLynx knew providing an integration between our CRM and ABC Supply was a critical way to help ABC Supply customers reduce human error and make material ordering more accurate and convenient.

By giving ABC Supply customers an easy way to order supplies through their local branches from within AccuLynx, our mutual customers have less steps, more accuracy, better legibility and 24/7 access to their documentation. This has resulted in continued increases in ABC orders placed through AccuLynx every year.

Make Material Ordering More Accurate with ABC Supply and AccuLynx

How it Works:

  • An Exclusive Collaboration:

AccuLynx and ABC Supply are more than just neighbors in Beloit, WI. With an exclusive partnership, AccuLynx business management software for roofers uses ABC Connect to provide a Quick Order tool within our platform. AccuLynx users have the ability to create and submit their material orders directly to their ABC Supply branch from inside AccuLynx.

  • What Your Customer Sees in AccuLynx:

AccuLynx customers have real-time access to their unique pricing and available materials from their ABC Supply branch anytime they go to place an order. They don’t have to worry about picking up the phone, or scrolling through thousands of items; AccuLynx stores their most-used and favorited items so ordering is fast.

Once they place the order, documentation is automatically saved in their Job file, so they always have access to their most recent orders, the status of those orders, and archived records from past projects.

What Your ABC Branch Sees:

As an ABC Rep or Branch Manager, providing excellent customer service and establishing a loyal customer base means continued revenue growth. When an AccuLynx customer uses the ABC Supply Quick Order integration, you see –

  • Faster Processing

When your customers submit their orders through the ABC Quick Connect integration in AccuLynx, your branch will receive the order via email as soon as they hit the “Send” button. You can start processing their requests much quicker than if they had placed their order over the phone.

  • Error-Free Orders

All of the orders placed through the Quick Connect in AccuLynx are electronic, so your branch can confirm exactly what they are requesting. All of the order details you will need for fulfillment, including quantities, SKUs, price and delivery date are clearly stated so there’s no confusion or back and forth.

  • Happy Customers

This simplified ordering process keeps your customers in the loop at all times. They’ll know when their orders have processed and when to expect delivery. No more errors, overages, confusion or delays!

Did You Know?

ABC Customers are eligible for special pricing on AccuLynx Pro licenses!

To see how it works, check out this quick video! Want to see how AccuLynx could help your material ordering process more convenient and accurate? Schedule a personalized demonstration here. 

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