3 Tricks for Faster Estimates with Roofing Software

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For busy roofers looking to save time and work more efficiently, the estimating process can be a source of frustration. Accuracy is key with roofing estimates, since over- or under-estimating impacts the cost of the project and customer satisfaction. But the longer it takes to estimate a project, the longer it takes to get the project started, and the less time you have for the rest of your roofing work. How can you estimate quickly and accurately every time?

Using roofing estimator software can help you streamline the estimating process and save valuable time. Here are a few ways to estimate faster with tools available in roofing software.

Start with aerial measurements

Estimate faster by adopting this measurement technology

Most roofers know the advantages of using aerial measurements for their roofing jobs. Services like EagleView and QuickMeasure provide the most accurate roofing measurements, as well as eliminate the need for salespeople to climb a ladder to get those measurements. These aerial measurement services save time in two ways: they reduce the amount of time spent on a job site, and they make it more likely that your estimates will be accurate. Any roofer who isn’t already using aerial measurements can begin to estimate faster by adopting this measurement technology.

If you use roofing estimator software like AccuLynx, you can save even more time with your aerial measurement technology and streamline the measurement process even further. AccuLynx integrates with EagleView and QuickMeasure, allowing you to order measurement reports directly from the software platform. With the AccuLynx mobile app, this means you can order your reports right from the job site, from your car, or anywhere you are—you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office.

Ordering aerial measurements right from AccuLynx also means that those measurements are stored directly in the platform. You don’t have to transfer the reports into AccuLynx—you can associate them with a job, access them from anywhere, and use them throughout the platform. Not only are you saving time by ordering measurements wherever you are, but you’re saving time by keeping the measurement information in a single, centralized, and easily accessible location.

Need to manually enter your measurements? No problem. You can still easily manually add measurements either through the AccuLynx dashboard or Mobile Field App. These measurements will also be saved to their designated job so you can easily find them again, just like the measurements you order through AccuLynx.

roofing aerial measurements for roofing estimates.

Take advantage of templates

Save time and increase accuracy with estimating templates

Creating roofing estimates can be a repetitive process, particularly if you’re still using a spreadsheet or Word document to put them together. Starting from scratch every time you estimate can eat up a significant amount of your time, and make the estimating process much longer than it needs to be.

In roofing estimator software platforms like AccuLynx, roofers can create estimating templates that can be used again and again. Templates can be set up for each of your trades, like roofing, siding, and gutters. You can create templates for common types of roofs that you service. You can even have templates based on whether the job involves insurance work or general contracting. Whatever types of estimates you typically provide, you can create and save a template in AccuLynx that will let you put an estimate together quickly and easily.

AccuLynx templates are stored in the software platform, so you can generate an estimate from anywhere. With a few keystrokes, you can input customer information; adjust cost, level, and profit margin; and create a professional-looking estimate that’s ready to be sent to the customer. (And to save even more time, you can send the estimate electronically for customer approval, eliminating the need for another visit to the job site.)

Simplify the information input process with roofing estimator software

Save time and reduce visits to the job site

Even with templates and aerial measurements, putting together estimates can still take much longer than roofers would like. It seems like there’s no way to avoid the repetitive, painstaking process of entering customer information into each estimate. Can roofers save any time on this part of the process?

AccuLynx roofing estimator software offers a way to streamline the process of inputting customer information. With our SmartDocs feature, roofers can create smart fields that are automatically filled in with the customer information that’s already in AccuLynx. Instead of entering the same information every time, when you create a new estimate based on one of your templates, fields like address and name will auto-populate. Using SmartDocs for estimating eliminates repetitive data entry and saves time.

Learn more about how SmartDocs can make your roofing business more efficient

Streamline the material ordering process

Create faster, more accurate roofing estimates

Once you have your measurements, it’s time to start ordering materials. As most roofers know, material cost plays a large role in the accuracy of your estimates, and in order to create the most accurate estimate possible, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the material costs associated with the given project. Unfortunately, the constant fluctuations in material costs can make it challenging to provide a rapid and precise estimate to your customers.

AccuLynx integrates with leading material suppliers ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products, to get real-time pricing on available products, making it easier to build faster, more precise estimates while also decreasing the chances of change orders or adjustments later. These integrations also allow you to track your orders right from the job file within AccuLynx, keeping everyone on the same page and minimizing preventable mistakes.

Beacon Integration

How software can help you create faster more accurate roofing estimates

Streamlining your roofing estimates can save you valuable time and reduce visits to the job site. With aerial measurements, templates, smart fields, and material supplier integrations, you can estimate accurately and efficiently, without repetitive manual work. And you can use the time you save to tackle other aspects of your business, whether it’s generating more leads, developing a sales strategy, concentrating on customer service, or anything else that’s on your to-do list. Saving time on estimates doesn’t just let you complete a job faster—it also helps you focus on what really matters to your roofing business.

You can contact our sales or customer support teams for more information if you have questions about this feature or other tools in AccuLynx. If you are not already an AccuLynx customer you can set up a customized demo today to learn more about Acculynx and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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