12 Roofing Statistics that Make a Case for Software

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It’s the middle of summer and your schedule is packed. Whether you’re chasing the next big storm or are running from job to job, adding a new piece of technology is likely the last thing on your mind. But, in order to streamline your processes, work efficiently, and avoid errors, your roofing business needs a system to keep you organized. These 12 roofing statistics make the case for investing in roofing software right now.

Roofing Statistic #1: Storm Activity Increased by 125% this year

Insurance restoration roofers have already noticed this trend. And, while the increase in work can be great for your bottom line, it can be overwhelming to manage if you don’t have a good system in place.

Roofing software like AccuLynx helps you manage every aspect of the job from prospect to payment, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a lead or a key milestone. AccuLynx is also easy to implement. New customers are given a dedicated Enablement Specialist, hands-on configuration, guided system set up, and data conversion so that you won’t miss a beat.

Roofing Statistic #2: 41% of Homeowners Are Looking to Schedule a Project this Year

Almost half of the homeowners surveyed by Roofing Contractor Magazine said they’re looking to schedule a project this year. From gutter work to exterior painting and roofing jobs, contractors are seeing an uptick in work and they’re turning to AccuLynx to help manage it. In AccuLynx, everything is tracked in the job file so that you always know the status of your project. This includes permits, photos, material orders, communication with the homeowner, and more.

Roofing Statistic #3: 33% of Contractors Say Their Top Goal is to Win More Bids

Winning more jobs is key to growing your roofing business. By streamlining your sales process with roofing software, you can quickly close prospects. AccuLynx allows you to order aerial measurements, create professional, branded proposals in seconds, and accept signatures digitally meaning you can create, deliver, and sign the proposal before your competition even reaches the lead.

Roofing Statistic #4: 31% of Homeowners Plan to Finance About Half of a Project

If you’re not offering financing, you’re alienating customers who can’t or don’t want to stomach the cost of a roofing project all at once. With AccuFi by AccuLynx, you can offer homeowners a fast and free way to see multiple competitive loan offers. You can also track financing for every job and receive updates by email when there’s a change in a customer’s loan status. Plus, there’s no cost or extra paperwork for AccuLynx users.

Roofing Statistic #5: 46% of Contractors Report That Projects Have Been Delayed in the Past 12 Months

If you’ve had projects delayed or rescheduled over the last year, you know the burden of manually re-assigning labor and updating different timelines. AccuLynx’s labor manager allows you to do this in seconds. When a project is delayed, you can easily reschedule labor or move crews to another project, and when you reschedule labor, project milestones are automatically moved forward. You can also create automations that notify crews and customers of any changes so that everyone is always on the same page.

Roofing Statistic #6: 57% of Roofing Professionals Use Some Sort of Estimating Software

After you take measurements, how are you generating estimates? AccuLynx allows you to order, import, or manually enter roofing measurements and generate professional proposals. Real time pricing from integrations with ABC Supply and SRS Distribution mean that your estimates are accurate too.

Roofing Statistic #7: Many Residential Roofing Contractors Have Less than 10 Employees

If you’re like most residential roofing contractors, you operate with a small team. You might have an office manager, a couple of sales reps, and a few crews. Roofing software can help you streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and improve communication. Everything is stored in one system, and is tracked in the job file, so everyone understands the status of each project.

Roofing Statistic #8: 49% of Residential Roofers Are Concerned with Increases in Building Material Costs

It’s no secret that roofing materials are getting more and more expensive. And with 49% of residential roofers concerned, it’s clearly something the industry is talking about. While there’s nothing you can do to increase supply, you can use roofing software to ensure you’re offering the most accurate price. AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply and SRS Distribution so your estimates include real time pricing and availability.

Roofing Statistic #9: 54% of Residential Roofers Expect to Face Lowball Pricing

When competitors lowball prices, it can be difficult to compete. You need to differentiate your business in order to demonstrate to customers that you’re the better choice. Roofing software can do that by helping you automate communication, create professional, branded proposals, and stand out with multiple payment and financing options.
AccuLynx also allows you to adjust your margins easily within each proposal so you can offer the best price while making money.

Roofing Statistic #10: 45% of Residential Contractors Struggle to Find Quality Workers

While roofing software can’t create workers, it can help you efficiently manage your crews. AccuLynx’s dedicated mobile Crew App provides your labor with everything they need to complete a job. Plus the labor scheduler allows you to easily see when crews are scheduled and available, and you can reorganize labor based on project changes. Office staff and sales teams also benefit from having everything in one, easily-accessible system. Roofing software allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your workers so that you can make the most of the staff you do have.

Roofing Statistic #11: 69% of Customers Would like to Contact a Business via Text

In a world that’s on the go, a simple text can be the easiest way to get ahold of your customers. From appointment reminders to project updates and quick questions, texting can easily keep homeowners updated and can help you get a faster response. AccuLynx has built in texting features that allow you to send two-way and automated text messages. Plus everything is stored in the job file so you can always access your communication.

Roofing Statistic #12: 20% of Contractors Regularly Hire Subcontractors

How do you effectively communicate with subcontractors and crews? Without a system, this can include a lot of back and forth texts and phone calls. But with AccuLynx, everything subcontractors need is stored in the app. Subcontractors can use the mobile Crew App to see the jobs they’re assigned along with clear instructions, photos, and the ability to check in and out of the job.

Why to Invest in Roofing Software Right Now

AccuLynx is an all-in-one roofing software that helps manage every aspect of your business. The roofing statistics mentioned above point to the value that roofing software brings. Using AccuLynx makes it simple to improve many different business processes, even during busy season. With a system that brings together lots of tools in a single platform, your roofing business will have everything it needs to succeed.

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