Do You Know What Your Crews are Doing? 4 Ways a Roofing Crew Management App Can Help You Find Out

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You want to make sure that all your projects are progressing efficiently, staying within budget, and delivering on the top-notch service you promised your customers. But checking in on your crews with phone calls or visits to the job site can quickly eat up valuable time. If you’re too busy to drive all over town or field dozens of calls—and let’s face it, most roofers are—you may end up with very little idea of what your crews are actually doing.

Fortunately, new roofing technology has made it easier to keep track of what’s happening on your job sites. Here are four ways that a roofing crew management app can help you gain greater visibility into your projects and better understand what your crews are doing.

4 Ways a Roofing Crew Management App Helps You Keep Your Crews in View

#1: Check-in and Check-out Logs

What if you could know exactly when your crews started work and when they left the job site? You could rest assured that your project was moving forward in a timely manner and that your crews were keeping their scheduled appointments. You could also use this information to provide better customer service—for instance, by contacting a homeowner after a crew leaves to ask if they have any questions or concerns about the work.

With a roofing crew management app, such as the AccuLynx mobile Crew App, you can easily have access to this information. Crews can use the app to check in when they arrive at a job site and check out when they leave. Check-in and check-out times, along with the GPS coordinates of each crew, are automatically logged in the mobile Crew App and available in real time. All you have to do to keep track of your crews’ movements is to open the app.

#2: Custom Job Checklists

Every roofing job has a lot of moving parts, and even the best crews can forget something or make a mistake. You want to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and your crews deliver on everything you promised the customer—but without watching your crews’ every move, it’s hard to see how you can help them stay on task.

The mobile Crew App allows you to create a customized checklist for each of your roofing jobs. As crews complete each task on the list, they’ll check it off in the roofing crew management app, helping them stay on schedule and make sure they complete every element of the project. You can see the progress of their work in real time and make adjustments as needed. Creating a custom job checklist in the mobile Crew App will reduce errors, improve your customer service, and help your crews work more efficiently.

#3: Centralized Communication Tools

Do you frequently call or text to check in on your crews? If so, you’re probably looking for a more efficient way to stay in touch with your crews and answer their questions. All that calling or texting takes up significant time, and can be especially difficult if there is a language barrier. In addition, you might find yourself repeating information or forgetting to contact a crew because you don’t have a record of what you’ve already said.

Roofing crew management apps like the mobile Crew App take the hassle out of contacting your crews. You can send and receive messages within the app, creating a record of your communications that is saved to the AccuLynx job file. Anyone at your company can send a message or update job information using the mobile Crew App so your crews are in the loop at all times. Since the mobile Crew App is connected to the same software you’re already using to manage your business, it’s simple to incorporate communicating with crews into your workflow without adding more to your plate. And the mobile Crew App has an English-Spanish translation feature to eliminate communication barriers.

#4: Job Site Photos

Even with more efficient ways to communicate with crews and give them the information they need to succeed, many contractors feel that actually seeing the job site is essential to understanding what their crews are doing. Finding ways to get visuals of work being completed without traveling to the job site will help you save time while still getting the information you need.

With the mobile Crew App, your crews can take photos of their work and upload them to the AccuLynx job file. All the job photos are saved in AccuLynx, so you’ll have a convenient record of how the job is progressing. And since the app is updated in real time, you’ll be able to see new job photos as soon as they are uploaded. There’s no need to spend time onsite to get a visual update on your jobs when you have a roofing crew management app.

Greater Crew Visibility is Possible With Roofing Apps

If you feel like you don’t really know what your crews are doing, you’re not alone. But with a roofing crew management app like the AccuLynx mobile Crew App, you can keep tabs on your crews without adding more work to your busy schedule. Check-in and check-out features, custom checklists, communication tools, and job site photos are just a few of the tools in these apps that can help you gain greater visibility into your job sites. And with this new window into your work, you’ll be able to increase efficiency, provide better customer service, and keep your costs low.

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