Why You Need Insurance Restoration Roofing Software Before the Next Big Storm

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Storms are an unstoppable force of nature that can cause quite a bit of damage to homes and businesses. Hurricanes batter houses along the coastline, hail punches holes in roofs across the country, and wind and rain wreak havoc everywhere. While no one can stop storms from coming, adopting an insurance restoration roofing software like Acculynx can help you manage the influx of business that occurs when storms hit.

Here are 3 reasons why insurance restoration roofing software can prepare and grow your business this storm season.

Guide: How to Build and Grow an Insurance Restoration Business

Insurance Restoration Roofing Software Keeps You Organized

The biggest advantage to having an insurance restoration roofing software like AccuLynx before a big storm is that it helps you get your company organized. Storms and storm seasons are chaotic by nature, so going into them with your company in order is tremendously helpful.

AccuLynx has features such as the job pipeline, which uses an easy to understand format to tell you which stage a job is at. You’re able to track a lead as they become a prospect all the way through closing the job and collecting payment. There’s no need to scramble during a big storm when you have a million jobs to keep track of. The pipeline keeps them organized as they come in and keeps track of their progress as time goes on.

AccuLynx also allows for you to integrate all of your job components together. This means that measurements from SkyMeasure or Eagleview, crew instructions, material orders and drop-off schedules, and more are all in the same place and easy to access during the big storm.

Insurance Restoration Roofing Software Improves Communication

Storms are not only chaotic in the damage they cause, but also in the miscommunication and overwhelming amount of confusion they produce. AccuLynx has multiple features in place to help combat this miscommunication and confusion, and help keep your business operating smoothly.

AccuLynx has in-app messaging that allows for you to reach your co-workers quickly and reduces the chance that your messages get lost. Automated texting features help you put even the most worried customers at ease by keeping them updated of project changes, important dates, and progress photos.

Additionally, crew schedules and instructions can be placed directly into AccuLynx so that everyone can see them and understand the plan. Having these modes of communication set in place before the storm means you can communicate flawlessly when the storm hits.

Insurance Restoration Roofing Software Grows Your Business

While storms are hectic for homeowners, they also produce a huge amount of business for those in the roofing industry. Once your company is prepared to stay organized and communicate well during a storm, you can really start to reap the benefits of the roofing damage that just swept through the area.

One tool that AccuLynx offers that is particularly helpful for doing so is its Automated Weather Map feature. This feature allows you to superimpose a map of recent weather events over a map of your previous customers, enabling you to target customers who you have done business with in the past and who might be inclined to do business with you again. You can also use this feature to identify customers who you have not targeted in the past who might be in desperate need of a roofing repair or a revisit in the wake of a storm.

AccuLynx also provides real-time insights into your data with dashboards to help you forecast material needs, and target where your best leads came from.

Building Your Insurance Restoration Roofing Business

Having your company organized, communicating well, and ready to identify potential customers before a storm can help reduce the chaos during and after the storm. AccuLynx’s many features are perfect for achieving these goals ahead of the next big storm and can help ensure you stay calm, cool, and collected the next time Mother Nature decides to pay a visit.

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