Product Update: AccuLynx Releases New Financing Integration through AccuFi

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Picture this: you are ready to close a deal with a prospective customer, but when you show them the job estimate, they ultimately decide to back out due to lack of funds. Sound familiar? This is one of the most common objections contractors hear from homeowners. The decision to sign a contract can be anxiety-producing, especially when the price tag is high, even if the service is necessary.

The solution? Start providing roof financing options to your customers during the sales process with AccuLynx’s new integration, AccuFi. Through AccuFi, you can offer homeowners a fast and free way to see multiple competitive loan offers. You will also be able to track financing for all your jobs in one place, and receive updates by email when there is a change in a customer’s loan status. Roofing financing through AccuFi will help your business appear more affordable, despite no change in your cost or extra paperwork for your staff.

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Provide Your Customers with Roof Financing Options

roof financing Homeowners like options. Options help people feel more in control when they are in the process of committing to something, especially when it comes to how they are spending their money. It isn’t easy for everyone to commit to large purchases, even if it is an exceptional service that will benefit them more in the long run. With AccuFi, you can help make large purchases more approachable by offering your customers multiple competitive loan options that break down into easy monthly payments right on the job estimate.

From the estimate, a live link will redirect your customer to the pre-screening form. The pre-screening process takes under a minute, with no extra work for you and no impact to your customer’s credit scores. Without even going to a bank, homeowners can see and choose from multiple competitive loans that will provide payments directly into their accounts in 1-2 days after providing lender documentation. You can also send your customer an AccuFi link from the Job File, or your AccuLynx dashboard.

Giving this option to homeowners eliminates slowdowns or delays during the estimation process by allowing them to finance the down payment, or the entire job, with a more manageable monthly budget.

Integrate Financing Throughout Your Sales Process

roof financing With no extra cost or additional paperwork for your staff to manage, AccuFi is a 100% free service for AccuLynx’s users. Sales representatives will receive email notifications when there has been a pre-approval decision (offers presented or no offers) and when the funds have been deposited into the customer’s account 1-2 days after being accepted.

Your teams can also track the status of loans under the Track Financing Offers option from the main AccuLynx navigation. Here, users can view a summary of all financing activity in the company and refine the view with filters such as application date, sales representative, and job status.

The AccuFi widget is your one-stop-shop for all your integrated roof financing needs. To learn more about AccuFi and answer any questions you may have, you can reach out to your AccuLynx Merchant Specialist at (608) 620-1085.

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  • Can financing be used to finance high deductibles as well? Is there a fee for clients to apply for offers?

    • Hi Nicole – There’s really no limit on what can be financed! Homeowners can finance part or all of a project. There is no fee to apply for offers and simply checking the offers will not effect your customer’s credit.


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