Using Roofing Software to Create More Accurate Estimates and Material Orders

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When roofers are in the field assessing storm damage, talking to homeowners, and providing work estimates, one of the most important factors that they rely on is knowing the price of their materials. Every roofer has a preference of who he orders from; and knowing what materials he needs, and how much they cost are a huge part of generating an estimate.

When time is of the essence, a roofer may choose to rely on a template to provide a quote to a homeowner – but what if, unbeknownst to the sales rep, there has been a change in material availability or pricing? That estimate price may change significantly when it is processed as an order, prompting adjustments that could potentially anger the homeowner, and make the roofer appear untrustworthy.

Roofers who order material supplies through a roofing business software like AccuLynx, with a direct integration to a trusted material supplier see more accurate pricing, less mistakes in material ordering, and eliminate the need to handwrite the same information over and over across different documentation.

Using Real-Time Pricing in Your Estimates:

At the start of any job, roofers build estimates based on several factors, including the materials they use, and the costs assigned to those products.

A roofer that has digital access to real-time pricing within his estimates saves valuable time searching for the current price and availability of each individual line item. Templates in AccuLynx that pull from your local branch, with your negotiated rates give roofers an instant, accurate material cost that they can apply to their estimates, eliminating the guesswork, and potential surprises down the line.

Roofing business software with material supplier integrations allow you to complete jobs faster, meaning your company can take on more projects and make more profit.

4 Ways to Make Your Company More Efficient with Supplier-Direct Ordering

Ask yourself, is the way you are ordering material supplies efficient and convenient, or just habit?

Order Your Roofing Materials Directly from Your Estimate

Having accurate estimates translates into placing accurate orders. By converting your estimate to a material order through an integration, roofers eliminate human error, provide a digital record from one document to the next, and save time transferring the data from one platform to another. There is no time wasted between steps.

Roofers can feel confident that there will be no surprises in either availability or price when they order materials through their connected roofing business software. This proficiency improves a company’s reputation, leading to more business, and higher customer satisfaction.

AccuLynx was the first roofing software to partner with ABC Supply, and makes a number of efficiency-promoting features available for our customers. The ability to see real-time pricing from any location, whether you are in the field or the office, is invaluable and the power to turn an estimate directly into an order will save your company time and resources. Take advantage of this partnership and watch as your company profits grow from the increased accuracy and efficiency.

AccuLynx is the most powerful tool for your roofing business. Simple to use software, industry-leading tools and the best customer support — AccuLynx makes it easy to grow faster than your competition. 

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