Characteristics of the Best Roofing Estimating Software

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Does creating roof estimates take up more time than you’d like? Do you tend to over- or under-estimate a roofing job?

Many roofers are looking for solutions to streamline the estimating process so they can reduce errors and save valuable time. Roofing software contains tools to help you create estimates quickly, easily and accurately. But how can you determine which roofing estimating software system will be the best for your business?

Learn more about what roof estimating software is, the characteristics of the best roofing estimating software, plus a look at what benefits switching to that software can provide.

What is Roof Estimating Software?

Roofing estimating software helps contractors build, send, and store estimates more easily. This software may include features such as:

  • Digital estimating templates
  • Pitch and slope calculators
  • Aerial measurement reporting
  • Electronic signature technology

Some roofing estimating software is a stand-alone system that only contains estimating tools. Other software incorporates these tools into an all-in-one business management platform. AccuLynx roofing software combines powerful estimating features with the tools and technology you need to manage every other aspect of your business.

Roof Estimating Characteristic #1: Built-in Aerial Measurement Integrations that Increase Estimate Accuracy

Accurate measurements are the foundation of better estimates. When you have the exact area, length, and pitch of a roof, you can order the correct materials, calculate labor costs more precisely, and deliver better customer service. On the other hand, if your measurements are faulty, the rest of the estimating process suffers. This disorganization can potentially lose you business to another, more organized roofer. The best roof estimating software enables you to easily improve the accuracy of your measurements. This helps you create better estimates, save time, and reduce overhead.

Aerial measurement technology like EagleView and GAF Quick Measure gives roofers access to improved measurements. When you order measurements, you’re getting a detailed, accurate report of every part of the roof that you need, without having to climb up there yourself or rely on calculations.

AccuLynx integrates with EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure so you can order accurate measurement reports directly from the AccuLynx platform. Not only does this make it easy to get the measurements you need, but it also means that your measurement information is stored directly in your job file alongside the rest of your project details. You won’t have to hunt down measurements for a given job. You can pull them up whenever you need and use them at any time.

Aerial measurement report

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Roof Estimating Characteristic #2: Digital Documents that Streamline Estimate Creation

After you’ve gathered accurate measurements for a job, how can you efficiently turn those numbers into an accurate estimate? If you’re doing this manually, it requires calculating the amount of materials and labor hours needed to complete the job, adjusting for waste and profit margins, and creating an estimate the customer can review. Using spreadsheets or document templates can take a long time, and there is potential for inaccuracy. Roof estimating software that can help streamline this process saves roofers significant time, reduces errors, and increases customer satisfaction.

The estimating tool in AccuLynx provides roofers with a greater ability to create precise estimates. With this tool, it’s easy to translate measurements into orders. Using the measurements that are already in AccuLynx, roofers can populate their estimates with automatically calculated material and labor costs—with just a few clicks. Instead of having to do your own math every time, pre-sets in the AccuLynx platform combined with the stored (and more accurate) measurements give you exact costs. The tool also allows you to easily adjust your profit margins as you see fit using our margin calculator.

Once your labor and material costs are calculated, SmartDocs within AccuLynx lets you build an estimate from a library of custom templates that can be used again and again. This can be done within the platform and is immediately ready to be sent to your potential customer. You can hide or include as much information about the cost as you see fit, include your company header, and provide eSignature capability reducing the amount of time spent traveling to and from the job site.
A laptop showing an estimating page of AccuLynx
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Roof Estimating Characteristic #3: Material Supplier Integrations that Boost Ordering Efficiency

Understanding your roofing material order costs can help you plan and predict future spending for your roofing jobs and navigate pricing increases. Roofing software can give you information on material pricing and availability in order to provide more accurate estimates.

AccuLynx integrates with the top three material suppliers; ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products. These integrations allow you to get real-time pricing on available products making it easier to build faster, more precise estimates, while also allowing you to streamline your production process, and gain visibility into your order status, all from the same software you use to manage your business.

Tip: Using AccuLynx to order from ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, or Beacon Building Products can save you time, increase profit margins, and limit errors.

Roof Estimating Characteristic #4: Easy-to-Use Tools for the Whole Team

New technology can be complex and hard to navigate, that’s why it’s important that your roof estimating software is easy to use and has good training in place.

Unlike many other software solutions on the market, the AccuLynx interface is intuitive. Even your most “technology-adverse” team members will be able to use it easily. Everything in AccuLynx works the way you would expect it to, and it’s easy to find all the information you need.

If you do have questions, no worries. When you purchase AccuLynx, hands-on training is included. AccuLynx’s award-winning customer service will walk you through the setup process and make sure the system is set up to match your specific needs. Acculynx also trains you on our full set of features so you can start using them with confidence.

AccuLynx software

Roofing Estimates Made Easier With AccuLynx

The best roofing estimating software is designed to work for your business and help you improve the estimating process. When roofers use software to manage their businesses, they receive a whole host of benefits. If you’ve been struggling with estimating—or you’re looking for ways to increase your efficiency—evaluating roofing software like AccuLynx for your business can make a big difference.

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