How to Make Your Small Production Team Look Like a Multi-Million Dollar Operation

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Roofing projects contain many moving parts, and schedules can quickly change. Keeping up with all the possible changes can be difficult for your production team, especially when you’re managing many jobs at once.

You don’t have to have a huge roofing production team to make sure your jobs move forward smoothly. Instead, by using software to track your projects, your roofing production manager can create a more efficient process for when disruptions in the schedule do happen.

Here are some ways you can use software to help make the production process more efficient and avoid scheduling conflicts:

Consolidate your labor schedules and material deliveries into one calendar

Keeping track of labor schedules and material deliveries for multiple jobs can be difficult, especially if they are stored in multiple locations and calendars. By having one organized primary calendar, your roofing production manager can see your business’ scheduled jobs or material orders at a glance rather than sifting through various documents.

AccuLynx’s Production Scheduler is a single, centralized tool where your team can easily plan, schedule, and reschedule all aspects of your jobs in one place. It’s designed similarly to the calendars in Google and Outlook, so it’s easy for team members to use. The Production Scheduler provides a clear view of what is happening and when so that your team won’t accidentally double book a crew. Also, through AccuLynx’s direct integrations with ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products, material delivery dates are automatically synced to the production calendar, so you’ll always know when deliveries will happen.

The AccuLynx Production Scheduler also makes it easy to reschedule jobs quickly. Suppose a delay occurs due to weather or the ongoing supply chain crisis. In that case, with the AccuLynx production scheduler, your team can reschedule crews or delivery times individually or in bulk by simply dragging and dropping the event to a new date and time.

Keep Crews Informed with a mobile app

Efficient communication between your roofing production manager and your crews and subcontractors on-site is essential to keep your company running smoothly. But if you have a smaller production team, those in the office can’t travel to different job sites if needed and complete office tasks. Using a mobile app linked to your software system can help your office stay in touch with those on-site without physically being there.

The AccuLynx mobile Crew App is a simple app that helps everyone, not just your roofing production manager, stay in touch and up to date. This application is easily accessible on your crews’ or subcontractors’ mobile devices and includes features such as a calendar, a way to view labor tickets and material orders, and simplified communication with the office via messaging and notifications. By utilizing this feature, your crews can easily communicate with your office efficiently if a problem arises.

Set up automations to notify homeowners, crews and other team members of changes

Calling or emailing multiple homeowners or crews about delays and scheduling changes can be time-consuming, no matter the size of your production team. By automating your messages, you can be sure that job updates and changes in schedule are received and everyone involved is on the same page.

The Automation Manager in AccuLynx makes sending automated messages simple and straightforward. Automations are set up based on triggers you set up in your AccuLynx account. Once the trigger is met, such as a rescheduled start or material delivery, an email or text message will go out to the relevant party, making them aware of what has happened. This provides an easy way for your roofing company’s office to keep everyone in the loop without having to play phone tag or manually write many emails.

Turn AccuLynx into Your Roofing Production Manager

AccuLynx is the #1 roofing software company that helps you win more jobs, improve productivity, save time, improve visibility, and make smarter decisions. By utilizing the many time-saving features in AccuLynx, such as the production calendar, mobile Crew App, and automations, you will see your business become more organized and efficient while creating less work for you and your team.

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