Project Management Tips to Keep Roofing Jobs on Schedule During Storm Season

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Storm-heavy months bring an uptick in insurance restoration and roofing jobs. Due to the increase in work orders, keeping all your projects on schedule might become tricky. While it is hard to plan for this, it is vital to have processes in place to help you handle whatever might come your way.

There are two critical components to successfully navigating unprecedented events: scheduling and communication. While you can do these manually, incorporating a CRM system like AccuLynx into your business strategy can help streamline these processes so you can smoothly tackle any challenges that arise.

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Here are 2 Project Management Tips to Keep Your Business Moving:

Project Management Tip #1: Take Control of Your Scheduling Process

Managing the production schedule for a roofing business can be tricky, especially during busy season. It’s important to have an effective scheduling process in place where you have visibility and can easily adjust schedules when necessary. This will help you tremendously if bad weather hits, a crew is taking longer than expected, or material delays stall production.

With the Production Calendar in AccuLynx, you have access to many tools that will help you see what is going on and make changes quickly when something unexpected happens. You can easily view different appointments, including labor schedules and material deliveries, for multiple crews in one place. This is a game-changer when you have many roofing jobs going on. Instead of having separate calendars for each job, you can see and schedule everything right from one centralized location. You can also click into each job to see more details at a glance.

Not only does the Production Calendar provide visibility, but it also offers a way to adjust schedules when necessary. Let’s say a big storm comes through, and one of your crews has to delay the start of a project. With the Production Calendar, you can see what other jobs might also be affected by the delay in one place and quickly make all necessary adjustments, such as rescheduling your crews. With the production tools in AccuLynx, you can keep track of what is happening and make sure you don’t miss an important step in the production process or accidentally double book a crew.

Project Management Tip #2: Keep Everyone in the Loop With Streamlined Communication

Sending updates to your crews about scheduling changes and material orders helps ensure they always have the latest information about their roofing jobs. However, doing this manually might take up more time than you have—especially during busy season. AccuLynx provides a way to automate necessary updates so that nothing will fall through the cracks.

With the AccuLynx Automation Manager, you can easily keep your crews and homeowners informed about changes in the production schedule without adding extra work to your day. You can set up emails or text messages that will be automatically sent to your contacts when triggered by an event in AccuLynx, such as rescheduling an appointment.

The mobile Crew App is another way to keep your crews updated with their schedules and changes throughout busy season. The mobile Crew App helps crews see the most complete and up-to-date information they need for their job, so they will always know what to expect no matter how busy it gets. Within the app, crews can keep track of their schedules, see labor assignments, get automatic notifications when something changes, and communicate more easily with the office staff throughout the job process.

Improve Your Project Management Processes With AccuLynx

Busy season brings a lot of challenges, from more jobs to schedule issues because of weather changes or material delays. These project management tips can help keep business moving forward.

Using a software system like AccuLynx to maintain a well-organized schedule and provide excellent communication will ensure your jobs stay on schedule during busy season. Schedule a quick demo to see how AccuLynx can help you stay on track.

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