Product Update: Introducing AccuLynx’s New Customer Portal for Roofing Contractors

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As a roofing contractor, you take pride in providing the best possible customer service. But with so much on your plate and increasing competition, you need new ways to meet your customers’ expectations—without adding staff or compromising the quality of your service.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve just released our brand new Customer Portal—a secure, self-service website designed to give roofing contractors an easier way to share project information and communicate with their customers!

Elevate your customers’ experience while reducing administrative work

AccuLynx’s Customer Portal is a fully branded, one-stop shop that lets your customers follow projects along from start to finish. It doesn’t just give homeowners 24/7 access to the information they need, when they need it—it also gives you easier ways to:

  • Share important project details with your customers in real time
  • Quickly respond to your customers’ messages
  • Offer job financing, request payments, and remind customers of outstanding invoices
  • Help customers direct their questions and concerns to the appropriate team member

How it works

Once a job is approved, you can invite homeowners to access the job information you want to share through the Customer Portal. They’ll receive a secure web link and unique login tied to their mobile phone, so your customers and your company can both rest assured that all your information is safe.

After logging into the Customer Portal, your customers will see a custom page that includes images of their home, details of their project, and contact information for your team members.

Your customers can use the Customer Portal to:

  • View project details, documents, photos, estimates, and invoices in a single location
  • See upcoming appointments
  • Send messages directly to your team
  • Make payments

Why use the Customer Portal?

Here are a few ways that the Customer Portal can benefit your business:

Streamlined communications

As you do your normal work in AccuLynx, the information you share with customers through the portal will update automatically, keeping them in the loop on their projects in real time. In addition, you and your customers can send messages back and forth through the portal instead of calling or sending an email.

Time savings

The Customer Portal provides a number of self-service capabilities that save your company time. Not only can customers access their job details and documents whenever they need them, but they can also make payments on their invoices directly through the Customer Portal, eliminating the need for you to play phone tag or make an in-person visit to collect payments.

A personalized customer experience

Your customers want a service experience that caters to their unique needs and preferences. With the Customer Portal, they can access their projects and see how they are progressing any time and take actions related to their projects whenever is most convenient for them.

Learn more about our new Customer Portal

To see our Customer Portal in action and discover how it can help your roofing business, schedule a personalized demo today.

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