Production Tools: New Ways to Make Scheduling and Ordering Easy for Roofers

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Ask anyone in your office, or on your production staff—managing all of the details that go into the planning and scheduling of a roofing job is a LOT of work. Staying on top of all the labor schedules and material deliveries for every job requires an organization genius. Or, does it?

The new Production Tools in AccuLynx have been completely redesigned to help your production staff easily manage your material deliveries, labor orders and company resources. In addition to a brand new, more user-friendly interface, we’ve built a number of new features that will reduce the time it takes your teams to schedule and plan for upcoming work.

Here’s a look into what’s new…

Production Tools Updates in AccuLynx

A Simple Calendar to Manage All Your Labor Schedules and Material Ordering

AccuLynx Production Tools

The new Scheduler lets your production team see all of your roofing business’ labor assignments and material deliveries in one calendar view. Most people are familiar with Google or the Outlook calendar functions—imagine that, but now, it’s been designed specifically for a roofing company.

At a glance, your production staff can visualize, plan, schedule (and reschedule) all of your company’s labor and material deliveries. This production tool is made easy by color-coding your crews by trade or name, and adjusting the focus on your display from two weeks out, to that day’s hourly view—however you like to see and plan ahead.

If you have multiple people on your production staff, they can use the built-in filters to see the information that is important to them.

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All of Your Order Details at Your Fingertips

The “To Be Scheduled” drawer beneath the calendar lets you know which labor and material orders are outstanding. Think of this as your one-stop-shop to all of the relevant details associated with those jobs. From here, you can filter and prioritize these orders to see which ones need your immediate attention. You can also use this feature to drill into each order to view more details and make edits, without ever leaving the scheduler, before you add them to the calendar.

In each Labor Ticket, your team can see and edit all of the contact information, crew assignments, and the labor order. They can also see or add specific instructions, shared documents, photos and custom checklists for subcontractors to complete on-site.

The Material Order works the same way—see your contact information, delivery date, instructions, supplier, and material list, all in one place. The Labor and Order tickets are also linked, so if there is a labor order associated with the material order, you can access it right from that ticket and vice versa.

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Need to Reschedule? No Problem!

When weather inevitably happens, it’s easy for you to reschedule your crews and material delivery dates by using calendar production tools to drag and drop those events to a new time or date. You can do this in bulk or individually – and those changes are automatically reflected throughout AccuLynx, with instant notifications to your subcontractors or crew leads through the mobile Crew App – so no one is caught out in the storm.

Bringing Order to Your Orders

With so many orders, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. The Order Manager makes it easy to sort, filter and search to find what you need.

Just like in the “To Be Scheduled” drawer in the Scheduler, you can see all of your order details as cards, and listed under their corresponding status. You can filter this order breakdown even further – for example, you can sort by categories such as Approved Job Age, orders without date assignments, or orders where money has already been collected.

Perform bulk actions to your orders such as placing multiple material orders at once, and review individual Production Overviews, Material Orders or Labor Orders.

Check out the new Production Tools, now available for Elite Customers in AccuLynx.

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  • Mauricio Álvarez
    November 13, 2022 7:37 am

    I need some more guidance on the scheduling for the entire company. We currently use excel and it is becoming a pain.

  • Why isn’t the production scheduler available for mobile app use? This is a real inconvenience on the go or in the field.

    • Hannah Henkel
      July 26, 2023 11:39 am

      Hi Tanya – This is something that’s coming later this year. When we originally released the new mobile Field App, we knew that there were more features that we would want to include, so we hear what you’re saying! Stay tuned for some exciting product updates, but in the meantime, we’ll echo this feedback to the product team.

      • Thank you so much, I really enjoy Acculynx. Thank you for your response.

        • paige neubauer
          May 10, 2024 9:57 am

          has this been updated? can we now see the production schedule on the app? If so, how do we get to it

          • Hannah Henkel
            May 28, 2024 4:31 pm

            Hi Tanya – In the Field App, you can not see material, labor, and appointments in a single calendar view. You can also applies filters so you can see what matters to you. We do not currently have the full production scheduler on the mobile app. Feel free to reach out to support with additional questions!

  • How do I integrate my current Company’s Calendar with Acculynx? I have this set up with several systems and I need to maintaining the current set up. Please let me know asap.


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