5 Ways Customer Service Can Help Make You More Competitive in Residential Roofing

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In 2022, the roofing industry is worth $56.9 billion. Staying competitive in such a fast-growing industry is essential, and taking care of your customers is a key component of keeping up with the competition. An excellent customer service process can be the difference between gaining and losing sales. Keeping your customers happy reflects well on your business, which will, in turn, help your business continue to grow.

Here are 5 tips that answer the question “how to improve customer service” so you can be more competitive and win more jobs:

Create accurate estimates with aerial measurements & material integrations

Having accurate estimates right from the start of the sales process helps eliminate headaches for you and surprises for your customers. For example, if your estimate is too low due to not getting accurate measurements or not ordering enough materials, having to update the

estimate later with a higher price would increase customer dissatisfaction. Instead, by obtaining roof measurements using aerial measurement services and ordering from suppliers online, you can confidently present your homeowners with the most accurate estimate.

AccuLynx integrates with the aerial measurement suppliers EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure to help you collect the most accurate measurements for your estimates. Our software also integrates with the material suppliers ABC Supply, Beacon Building Products, and SRS Distribution to help you access up-to-date material pricing. With all these integrations, you can quickly get roof measurements and receive the most accurate material pricing from your preferred supplier. Once that is done, you can automatically populate an estimate right in AccuLynx using these numbers, confident that you have the most accurate measurements and material pricing possible.

Provide payment & financing options

Roofing jobs can get expensive, especially with rising costs throughout the industry. By providing your homeowners with payment options other than cash or check, you can help ease their financial burden, have a better chance of closing the deal, and improve your customer service by providing your customers with more convenient payment options.

AccuLynx has payment and financing programs that can give your customers the options they want without creating more work for you, AccuPay and AccuFi. Through AccuPay, you can accept payments such as credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks in person, over the phone, and online. The process is secure and provides a more efficient way for your homeowners to pay and a quicker way for you to access your funds.

AccuFi also helps customers afford your services without having to pay the total cost up front. Through AccuFi, your customers will receive multiple loan options without affecting their credit score in minutes to choose what works best for them.

Collect electronic signatures

Gathering signatures can be a pain, especially if you travel to a customer’s home to get them. Electronic signatures are a convenient way to get fast, safe, and legally binding signatures from your customers. Save time for you and your customers by incorporating electronic signatures into your processes.

AccuLynx SmartDocs includes electronic signature technology so that you can start collecting e-signatures immediately. When you send out an important document to your customers, such as a contract or change order, they can easily sign and return the document to you quickly and securely. This will save you and your customers time and help you avoid the hassle of meeting simply to get a signature.

Incorporate multiple forms of communication

Communication is key to providing exceptional customer service to your homeowners. Keeping them updated on the project and letting them know when any changes or delays occur t can help keep them satisfied and happy that they chose you as their contractor.

AccuLynx provides different ways to communicate better with your homeowners without adding additional work to your plate. The Automation Manager can make communication through emails or text messages easier and more consistent. Using this tool, you can set up automated messages, such as appointment reminders, job status updates, and meeting confirmations, that are triggered automatically by updates in AccuLynx. These messages will then go out to your homeowners via text or email, so they will always be in the loop of what is happening with their job.

Another important aspect of communication is that there should be an efficient way for your customer to reach you. 68% of customers would like to communicate with a business over text, and with AccuLynx two-way texting they can do just that. With texting through AccuLynx, customer’s can easily text you and it will show up right in their job file, so you can quickly respond without having to play phone tag.

Follow up after a project is complete

Even after a project is complete, reaching out to the homeowner is important so that you can be sure that they are happy with their project. By checking in with your homeowner, you can ensure the job was done to their satisfaction, ask for a review, or even ask for a referral to other homeowners.

Just like using automations within AccuLynx can help you communicate with your customers, automations can also help you to follow up more efficiently. Through AccuLynx, you can set up an email that will automatically go out following a job, asking how the job went, if the homeowner was satisfied or had any concerns, and providing them with a link to share a review. This will help your team get feedback from customers, solve any problems that still need to be addressed, and ensure your customers leave with a positive impression of your business.

How to improve customer service with the new Customer Portal

Nowadays, customers expect a certain level of service that includes all of the tips above and more. That’s why AccuLynx has created an easier way for you to provide the most effective customer service possible, making you more competitive in the industry.

With the new Customer Portal, your customers will have a comprehensive self-service portal where they can access job information, review and sign documents, apply for financing, pay off their invoices, communicate directly with your business, and so much more in one place. The Customer Portal automatically syncs with AccuLynx so you can keep customers updated without adding more work to your busy schedule. Using the Customer Portal will help streamline the customer service process and elevate your customer’s satisfaction throughout the job.

Want to learn more about AccuLynx and the Customer Portal? Sign up for a demo today!

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