3 Benefits to Using Digital Documents

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Digital roofing documents are an essential resource to help your business stay organized, especially during the busy summer months. By managing your documents digitally, not only will you save paper, money, and resources, but your office will also run more smoothly.

Here are three reasons why your roofing business should be using digital documents rather than paper or carbon copies:

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Digital Document Benefit #1: Less Space Used

The longer you are in business, the more paper files you will accumulate. Even if you have the most organized filing system, you’ll eventually have more files than the system can handle. Not only do paper files take up a ton of space over time, but it’s also bad for the environment.

Digital documents like AccuLynx’s SmartDocs, on the other hand, don’t take up physical space in the same way paper files do. Instead, all your documents are stored in the cloud, and you have unlimited space to upload files in an organized system accessible to your team from anywhere on any device. SmartDocs also saves all your digital files to the corresponding job file in AccuLynx, so that your documents are easier to find.

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Digital Document Benefit #2: Improved Efficiency

Digital documents also make it easier to work more efficiently. Physical documents often require you to enter information again and again, and can only be signed in person. Incorporating digital roofing documents into your sales process saves time by eliminating the need to fill out documents manually or make multiple site visits.

Since SmartDocs links with your AccuLynx account, important customer information saved in the software system will auto-populate into the related documents. This saves you time and effort involved in repeatedly writing the same information. Additionally, if there are updates to customers’ information made in AccuLynx, these documents will also update in real-time.

You can also convert specific digital roofing documents into other types of documents. For example, if you create a digital estimate in AccuLynx, you can convert it to a material order with just a few clicks. This speeds up the material ordering process and eliminates the need for double date entry.

With the eSign feature in SmartDocs, you no longer have to meet with your customers in-person to get signatures. Instead, you can send the document over virtually, and your customers can sign it from anywhere on any device. These e-signatures are legally binding, so you can have peace of mind in the event of any disputes with customers.

image depicting better data security on a laptop due to using digital roofing documents.

Digital Document Benefit #3: Better Security

Paper files are susceptible to damage or loss, especially if they are being carried around by your sales team or crew. Digital roofing documents are stored and accessed digitally, so you can access them from anywhere with a mobile device.

With AccuLynx SmartDocs, you and your team can always find and access all your important documents in the relevant job file. You can also adjust preferences to limit access to sensitive information. This way, you no longer have to worry about tracking down documents, forgetting them in the office, or losing them in a truck or onsite. Multiple people can access the same digital roofing document at the same time, so you don’t need to have multiple copies or track down a document if someone else is using it.

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Improve Your Documentation Process with AccuLynx

AccuLynx is the top CRM system to help you run your business better, starting with how you create, store, and share documents. By incorporating SmartDocs into your team’s sales process, you will stay more organized, improve your efficiency, and keep your digital documents more secure. Learn how you can start streamlining your estimates, proposals, contracts, and more with AccuLynx in a custom demo.

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