How Software can Simplify Text Messaging for Roofing Contractors

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Texting is an important way for roofing contractors to stay in touch with their customers and team members. A growing number of people prefer text messages to phone calls or emails, and adding texting to your communication toolbox helps you reach contacts more effectively—something more and more roofing contractors have realized.

However, sending text messages from a personal or company phone, as 88% of businesses do, can lead to new challenges. In order to take advantage of the benefits of texting for contractors while avoiding the difficulties caused by messaging directly from a phone, roofing businesses should use construction text messaging software to send their messages. Here are some of the ways that software can simplify text messaging for contractors.

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How Construction Text Messaging Software Improves Texting for Contractors

Keep Your Information Safe

Relying on individual devices to send text messages to customers can leave your business vulnerable. If your staff use their personal phones to communicate with customers, you could lose access to that communication if they leave your roofing business—and if they start working for another roofing business, your customer information could end up in the hands of a competitor. Even using company-owned phones is no guarantee of information security. Phones can be stolen or lost, messages can be deleted or hacked, and unauthorized users could gain access to the messages. Using construction text messaging software to send texts keeps your information safe and prevents it from disappearing when your staff turn over.

The texting features in AccuLynx are integrated into our secure, cloud-based software platform. It’s easy to add or remove users as needed, so you can control the people accessing your information. All the messages are stored in the cloud, so they won’t get lost or misplaced. Instead of being tied to a specific phone, anyone on the team can send and receive messages from anywhere that they can access the AccuLynx platform. When you construction text messaging software like AccuLynx to send messages, your communications will stay safe and your information will be protected.

Stay in Touch More Efficiently

Sending lots of one-off messages to customers or team members can take significant time out of your day. This is particularly true if you use texting as a way to send reminders. 83% of consumers would like to receive appointment notifications through text, but if you’re using a personal or company phone to send every single message, text reminders are inefficient and time-consuming.

With AccuLynx, roofing contractors can set up automated text messages that trigger based on events in the system, such as the creation of a new appointment or a change to a scheduled labor order. It’s easy to customize these triggers to meet your business needs. Once the messages are set up, they’ll send automatically, allowing you to keep in touch with customers and team members without creating extra work for yourself.

See text messaging for roofing contractors in action

Easily stay in touch with text messaging for roofing contractors. Schedule a demo to see this feature in action.

See Past Conversations More Easily

It’s important to be able to refer back to past text conversations with a customer or team member. Whether you need to confirm a request, cross-reference your memory of a discussion, or check that a piece of information was sent to the right person, having all your previous conversations readily available can come in handy. However, it’s very difficult to look at older conversations on a phone without scrolling through a lot of texts—and sometimes past messages can be deleted.

When you send a text message from a job file in AccuLynx, a record of your message—and any further conversation—is saved directly to the file. It only takes a few clicks to look back at your old messages, no matter how long ago you sent them. And you don’t have to sort through texts from many different contacts to find the ones you need. Since the messages are saved to their respective job files, they’re easy to search for. The next time you have a question about a past conversation with a customer or team member, you won’t need to spend lots of time scrolling on your phone.

Maintain Consistent, Professional Communication

While text messaging is a less formal method of communication than phone calls or emails, your customers still expect the same level of professionalism from your text messages. Keeping a consistent tone, sending messages from a single number that your customers can recognize, and not repeating communications you’ve already sent will go a long way towards presenting a professional image to your customers.

Using text messaging for roofing contractors

AccuLynx construction text messaging software allows you to send messages from a unique local number, so your customers can easily distinguish your text messages from spam texts. Since all your messages are saved in the job file, it’s easy to see what you’ve already told the customer, whether your messages have been received, and what hasn’t yet been communicated. Even when different members of your staff send messages to the customer, it all comes from the same number, and you can maintain a uniform tone by modeling your messages after previous communications with the customer. Using AccuLynx to send text messages provides the consistency and professionalism your customers are looking for.

Avoid Miscommunications and Stay Up to Date

With so many messages going back and forth, it can be easy for information to get lost or instructions missed. Sending texts from a personal or company phone can exacerbate this issue, since only the person with the phone has access to the messages. In order to make sure everyone is on the same page and nothing falls through the cracks, text messages about a given project need to be available to everyone working on that project.

Text messaging for roofing contractors through construction text messaging software makes it simple for everyone to stay up to date. In AccuLynx, all staff members with access to a given job file can see a full record of the messages related to that job. Since AccuLynx is cloud-based, you can access these messages wherever you are—even from the field or your remote office. With all the text messages sent and received in a single, up-to-date location, your roofing business can avoid miscommunications and reduce errors.

Simplify with Construction Text Messaging Software

Using construction text messaging software to send text messages makes contractors’ lives easier. When you rely on software instead of a personal or company phone, you can secure your information, communicate without adding more tasks to your plate, look back at previous conversations more easily, keep your messages professional, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

text messaging for roofing contractors

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