Interview: Why Dreamworks Restoration Contractors Chose AccuLynx as Their Roofing CRM Software

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Roofing CRM software has increased in popularity over the past several years. More and more contractors have found it helpful to manage their businesses, improve their communication, and grow their profits. But there are many different roofing CRM systems on the market. How can you determine which one is right for your roofing business?

When evaluating roofing CRMs, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re hoping for the system to do. Whether it’s increasing efficiency, reducing errors, staying more organized, or giving you the capacity to take on more jobs, you should have a clear idea of some of the improvements you want to see from the software. This helps you ensure that the roofing CRM software you choose can handle your needs and is designed to help contractors like you.

Jeremy Gilstrap, owner of Dreamworks Restoration Contractors, wanted to get more insights into how his company was performing and use those insights to drive growth. With AccuLynx, he was able to gain a new level of understanding that helped him scale the company. In this interview, he discusses why he chose AccuLynx as the roofing CRM software to manage his business—and the benefits that Dreamworks Restoration Contractors saw as a result.


Roofing CRM Software Video

Watch Dreamworks Restoration Contractors share why they chose AccuLynx as their roofing CRM software

Choosing a Roofing CRM With Dreamworks Restoration Contractors

How does AccuLynx help you understand your business performance?

“With AccuLynx, it’s easier for me to see what’s going on with my company. For instance, I can keep track of our accounts receivable and see where our jobs are at. At a glance, I can see which jobs are outside of 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, whatever it might be. I can also keep up with our leaderboard and how our sales guys are performing. Numbers don’t lie, and in our industry, numbers tell a story.”

AccuLynx brings together all the information about your roofing business in one easily accessible platform. Our dashboard shows you a simple view of how your jobs are progressing and how many leads are in your pipeline. Every time you log into AccuLynx, you’ll get a picture of the status of your jobs at a glance. This helps your roofing business stay on top of jobs and leads more efficiently.

In addition, the robust reporting features in AccuLynx help contractors understand business trends and make adjustments to sustain growth. With just a few clicks, you can see your business performance in a variety of areas, from job profitability to sales to lead conversion. You can even get reports delivered to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis to help you keep up with these numbers. AccuLynx gives you greater visibility into every aspect of your business performance.

How has AccuLynx impacted the way your teams work?

“AccuLynx is very user-friendly, and all of our teams have been able to start using it to improve their work. Our production team, our AR team, our supplement team, our sales team—everyone has been doing better work with AccuLynx. In particular, for the guys that are in the field constantly working, where their job is to sell, using AccuLynx doesn’t slow them down. It allows them to easily update information, pre-cap the job, upsell, give retail cash bids onsite, and much more.”

Since AccuLynx was designed specifically for roofing contractors, it can be seamlessly incorporated into what your team is already doing. Our features reflect the needs of roofing businesses, so they don’t have to be customized or adjusted to fit your processes. It’s easy for anyone to use and learn, no matter their level of expertise with software. This allows companies big and small to start using our roofing CRM software right away and see the benefits it provides.

What is the biggest benefit your company has seen from using AccuLynx?

“AccuLynx has simplified the way we run our business. It allows us to grow instead of sitting stagnant, and that has actually taken our company to a whole new level.”

How 3 Businesses Used Roofing CRM Software to Work Smarter

The Roofing CRM Software Trusted by Thousands of Contractors

Jeremy Gilstrap is just one of many contractors across the U.S. that rely on AccuLynx to manage their businesses. To hear more stories from contractors about the ways our roofing CRM software has helped them succeed, watch this video.

Get a demo of the roofing CRM software used by thousands

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