3 Reasons Why Roofers Need To Make Texting A Priority In 2021

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For many years, companies said “no cell phones in the office.” But, in recent years mobile phones have worked their way into the business world and are now seen as vital tools.

Especially amidst the pandemic, the use of mobile phone technology has skyrocketed. One of the most important features of mobile phones is the ability to text customers. From running SMS marketing campaigns to sending quick, important updates, texting is essential for any business.

Here are 3 reasons why we see text messaging as an important part of any roofing business in 2021.

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Texting for Business Tip #1: Texting Connects You to Your Target Audience

Did you know that millennials are the largest group of homebuyers? In fact, they make up 37% of the market. They also tend to purchase older homes, typically built in the 1980’s or prior. This makes them the ideal demographic for roofing contractors looking to capitalize on roof repairs and other exterior projects.

As the largest demographic, it’s important to understand how this generation communicates. For example, most millennials prefer texting to other forms of communication, including email and phone calls. Since millennials prefer texting as their main form of communication, providing this as an option for correspondence is sure to result in higher customer satisfaction.

Roofing business management systems like AccuLynx have built in texting features that allow you to communicate and easily manage text messages. With AccuLynx, you’re able to send text messages from a unique local number to connect with hard-to-reach leads, stay in touch with staff, and keep customers informed.

Texting for Business Tip #2: Texting Increases Response Rates

Not only can texting help you reach your target audience, but it is much more efficient than traditional forms of communication, like phone calls or email. Calling can be disruptive to a customer’s day and we’ve all been in instances where getting ahold of someone feels like an endless game of phone tag.

Texting avoids these issues. It shows urgency and priority, just like a phone call, but allows the receiver to open and respond to it on their own schedule. When compared to email, texting has a 74% response rate within the hour. That number drops to 41% for email.

At AccuLynx, we’ve seen this with our own customers. Chris Soukop of All Around Roofing and Exteriors saw a 4x increase in response rate with texting compared to phone calls.

Texting for Business Tip #3: Texting Tracks All Communication

Most SMS marketing platforms provide basic tracking features so that you always have a record of conversations. Business management systems like AccuLynx take this a step further by associating all messages with a job file and/or contact. In AccuLynx, you can also be notified of when someone responds to a text. Plus, AccuLynx offers automation features so that appointment reminders, schedule changes, and other important updates are never missed.

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How You Can Take Advantage of Texting

The world around us is becoming more and more integrated with technology, and the roofing industry is no exception. By keeping up with these advances and using technology like texting, you can ensure that your customers’ needs are met when and how they prefer.

Adopting new technology can seem daunting, but easy to use systems like AccuLynx simplify the process. Plus AccuLynx comes packed full of training tools, US-based support and more so that your team can keep up. To see how AccuLynx’s suite of tools can help your business, book a demo here.

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