New AccuLynx Feature Simplifies Text Messaging for Roofing Contractors

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Do you have trouble connecting with leads and customers? Are your team members struggling to stay in the loop? If so, it might be time to start sending business communications using text messages.

More and more people prefer texting over phone calls or emails, and will respond to a text message more quickly. Roofing businesses that incorporate texting into their communication strategy see improved engagement and greater customer satisfaction.

With the Texting Add-On in AccuLynx, it’s easy to keep everyone updated throughout a project. Text messaging for roofing contractors in AccuLynx allows you to communicate with leads, customers, and team members using their preferred method of contact—right from the same system you use to manage your business.

Text Messaging for Roofing Contractors

When we first rolled out the AccuLynx Texting Add-On, it gave you the capability to send automated text message notifications based on job events, job-related milestones, and order-related events. Now AccuLynx has added a new feature to simplify text messaging for roofing contractors: two-way texting. Now you can use the Texting Add-On to send and reply to text messages directly from an AccuLynx lead or job record.

How Two-Way Text Messaging for Roofing Contractors in AccuLynx Works

With two-way texting, you can have personal, real-time conversations with your contacts using the AccuLynx platform. The process is simple:

  • Navigate to the Messages tab in a lead or job record.
  • Select “Text Message”.
  • Select the contact to text.
  • Draft the message and hit send.

Your message will be sent from a unique local number. When your contact replies, you’ll receive a notification in AccuLynx, so you can continue the conversation. Every text message that you send or receive is automatically logged in the job or lead file, giving you a complete and easily accessible history of all your communications.

Why Use Texting in AccuLynx?

Here are a few ways our text messaging for roofing contractors can benefit your business.

Save Time

Setting up automated texts in AccuLynx can help you update customers and team members without having to send multiple one-off messages or make phone call after phone call. You can customize the triggers for an automated message—for instance, when a new appointment is created or when a scheduled labor order changes—to meet your business needs. Automated text messages are simple to set up and allow you to keep the lines of communication open without adding more work to your busy schedule.

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Stay Organized

All text messages sent through AccuLynx are automatically logged in the job file so you can quickly reference them at any time. This includes automated messages, which appear with the trigger condition so you know which ones were sent and why. There’s no need to scroll through texts on your phone to find past communications. With the Texting add-on, your messages will be easily accessible whenever you need them.

Improve Customer Service

Using the Texting Add-on in AccuLynx makes it easy to communicate with customers in a timely, professional manner. Sending a text is simple and quick, and the notifications in AccuLynx help you stay on top of any responses you receive. Text messages allow you to be responsive to customer questions and deliver timely updates on your work. Your customers will be impressed with your level of communication and attention to detail.

Communicate More Effectively

Sending texts can help you connect with hard-to-reach customers and leads. If you’re not getting responses when you call or email, switching to text messages might yield better results.
In addition, texting through AccuLynx can streamline internal communications. Using the AccuLynx Texting Add-on allows you to connect with team members more easily while ensuring all your conversations are saved for future reference. You’ll be able to stay in touch about important details and ensure that no update falls through the cracks.

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Want to Learn More About Text Messaging For Roofing Contractors?

If you’d like to see the AccuLynx Texting Add-On in action, you can schedule a personalized demo here.

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