Key Takeaways from the Virtual Western Roofing Expo 2020

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Western Roofing Expo, powered by Western States Roofing Contractors Association, is one of the largest roofing events of the year.

This event is attended by thousands of roofing contractors per year, and helps contractors across the region:

  • Establish new roofing business strategies
  • Learn from like-minded industry professionals
  • Uncover new roofing technology
  • Solve complex business problems

…and so much more! Because of coronavirus-related restrictions, the event producers had to pivot, creating the Virtual Western Roofing Expo for 2020. During this year’s Virtual Western Roofing Expo, roofing contractors were able to take advantage of an extensive schedule of seminars to help educate roofers on industry trends and issues.

Even though the event wasn’t able to be hosted in person, our team made it a priority to learn more about the key points being discussed in the roofing community today. If one of your goals in 2020 (or beyond) is to grow your understanding of the roofing industry or chat with like-minded roofing professionals about their challenges, consider finding a show or conference to attend virtually or in-person in the upcoming months and years. Here are our key takeaways from the 2020 Virtual Western Roofing Expo:

Takeaway #1: Design Is Top of Mind

When many people think of roofing contractors, the idea of design may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, at the 2020 Virtual Western Roofing Expo, it was apparent that times are changing. The event touched on many important aspects in the roofing industry, but we found that many roofing contractors were struggling to utilize all of the design tools available to them, and were still relying on homeowners to carry their own design thoughts.

Nowadays, with roofing apps like GAF Roofing Wizard® and Colors App and Owens Corning Design EyeQ® Snapshot™, it’s easier than ever to ensure that you’re assisting homeowners with the design process for their new roof.

Resource: The Ultimate Guide to Roofing Apps

Not only can roofing apps assist with design, they can help you propel your growth, connect better with manufacturers and external partners, and so much more.

During John Pohorsky’s session at the Virtual Western Roofing Expo, he touched on how roofing contractors can also leverage existing relationships with manufacturers to learn about new products and ensure a successful roofing project along with limiting liability.

Takeaway #2: Roofing Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

While many roofing contractors know that roofing technology exists, the prospect of finding and implementing a new program and process can be a daunting task. During the AccuLynx seminar at the Virtual Western Roofing Expo, roofing industry professionals showed contractors across the nation how easy it can be to find and implement the tools you need to quickly scale your roofing business. With the right roofing software, you can easily manage everything, from initial lead to production to final billing, including:

  • Automatically storing all of your communication in one easy-to-use platform
  • Keeping track of your entire sales pipeline and where the money is on every job
  • Automating your communications so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Offering payment processing options to make your services more accessible
  • Better understanding the overall performance of your business

AccuLynx Roofing Software

There’s never been a better time to improve processes and implement tools to help your business grow. Find out why the top roofing companies use the #1 rated roofing software.

Learn More: 6 Easy Tips for Growing Your Roofing Company

Takeaway #3: Emphasis on Employee Experience

One of the overwhelming themes of the Virtual Western Roofing Expo was how prevalent cultivating a positive employee experience is during these changing times. Ensuring that your roofing business is prepared for long-term growth requires looking at your structure from every angle, including your employees and the experience they are receiving at your company. While shifting your mindset towards prioritizing your employees, ask yourself:

  • Have you taken steps to avoid common employment law mishaps?
  • Does your roofing business have an employee handbook?
  • Does your workforce include women?

During the Virtual Western Roofing Expo, we heard numerous presenters speak about the challenges of hiring and firing employees. With the right policies and handbooks in place, you can avoid these challenges, and continue to thrive as a roofing business owner.

Learn More About How to Deal With Employee Turnover in Your Roofing Business

If you haven’t been able to attend (in person or virtually) the Western Roofing Expo before, you should make it a priority to attend in the upcoming years. The event is filled with like-minded industry professionals, knowledgeable sessions, networking, and so much more.

Interested in learning more about how roofing industry professionals are staying ahead of the pack? Find out how roofing software can grow your business—get a custom demo of AccuLynx roofing software today!

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