5 Ways AccuLynx Can Help Streamline Your Insurance Restoration Roofing Process

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The roof is one of the most important parts of a home to insure, as anyone who has suffered damage from a storm or other “act of god” can attest. While the process can be confusing and tedious for the homeowner, it can be equally challenging to navigate as a professional roofer. Working as a sort of go-between for the customer and insurance agency, along with managing all of the necessary paperwork, scheduling, and invoicing, can be a headache for your office manager or bookkeeper, especially during high-volume times.

AccuLynx has several tools that your office manager can utilize to streamline how they manage the insurance restoration roofing process, minimizing time spent dealing directly with insurance companies on a day-to-day basis.

1. Keep Your Insurance Information Organized and Accessible

When a customer files an insurance claim to cover and help pay for their damages, a lot of paperwork is necessary. By filing information such as the Claim Number, Adjuster Name, Contact Info, and more into the Job File, everyone has the information readily available.

But not all paperwork starts its journey in the office. The AccuLynx Field App supports uploading scanned documents, so your sales team can upload the masses of paperwork that an insurance job entails right from the site, or their truck, without having to go back to the office to scan everything into the system.

Keeping your files organized is only the first step. AccuLynx has specific modules built into the platform that are dedicated to the insurance claim process, including a Permit Tracker, Supplement Tracker, and Mortgage Check Tracker.

If you are working on many homes in an area that was recently hit by a storm, you might be dealing with multiple permits. The AccuLynx Permit Tracker helps keep all your permits organized in one centralized location so you always know what is happening with your permits and ensure your jobs are moving forward.

Using the AccuLynx Supplement Tracker, your company can track what is happening with your roofing supplement forms through different status such as requested, under review, pending re-inspection, need more information from rep, approved, and completed. Office Managers can make entries within the Job, and make notes specifically regarding the progress of that supplement. This allows anyone in the company to see what the status is and track the overall progress of all outstanding supplements.

The Mortgage Check Tracker is similar, but it’s designed to let assigned people know the status of checks that are awaiting the mortgage holder to co-sign, so that the funds can be released. This allows Sales or Project Managers to keep track of the check status without having to contact the office.

2. Streamline Your Restoration Roofing Insurance Paperwork

By creating and using the AccuLynx estimate templates, specifically when dealing with an insurance restoration roofing claim, you can ensure that all of your paperwork meets the basic requirements of insurance companies and your sales teams won’t forget to fill out important fields.

State Farm Insurance suggests that professional roofers’ estimates include:

  • Quantity of materials needed
  • Labor charges
  • Work specifications
  • Approximate starting and completion dates
  • Payment procedures
  • Building permits secured (if applicable)
  • Warranty details (review conditions that would void it)

You can expedite this paperwork by building these templates as SmartDocs in AccuLynx, which automatically populates known fields from your Job Files. Send your estimates, warranties, and permits to your customers in one electronic bundle ready for signature. Once your customer completes the bundle, they send it to you electronically, saving it to your Job File and notifying your office staff automatically. If there are any changes from the insurance agency, you can add a roofing supplement form, or change order, directly to the packet and send it back to the customer for approval.

This process expedites the handling of paperwork and keeps your files organized. In addition, with the new Acculynx’s Customer Portal, you can easily keep the customer in the loop on the progress of their claim on their own time. Information about the claim progress will be automatically updated in the Customer Portal as soon as it becomes available.

3. Include Photo Annotations for Documentation with AccuLynx’s Camera App

Another component of the AccuLynx platform that allows you to provide transparent validation of your estimates is the mobile Camera App.

With the mobile Camera App, you can take, edit, tag, annotate, organize and share job photos and videos directly from the app. Not only that, you can automatically upload your pictures to the relevant job file within AccuLynx and organize the photos in specific folders to share with your homeowners, adjusters, or crew members. Using these features to provide detailed photographs of the damage when speaking with insurance companies can help them visualize the estimate and correlate that damage with the materials and labor times you roofing quote.

4. Save Time by Invoicing Directly from the Estimate

Roofing companies that utilize the estimating features in AccuLynx for insurance restoration roofing claims have an easy and simplified method for invoicing.

You can place material orders directly through AccuLynx to trusted suppliers like ABC Supply, Beacon Building Products, and SRS Distribution. These integrations link up with your individual account, providing you with the most updated pricing and availability and helping create a seamless ordering process. These records, as well as invoices sent to the customer, are also stored in your Job File, should insurance companies require proof of order and payment on your end.

You can also convert your estimates to invoices with the click of a button and see all final changes and notes categorized and cataloged within the Job File. Final invoices and copies can be emailed directly from AccuLynx without the hassle of printing or scanning.

Streamline insurance restoration roofing paperwork

5. Eliminate the Need for Double Data Entry

AccuLynx has a QuickBooks integration feature that allows your bookkeeping and office staff to input financial data once, and share applicable Job information across the platforms. This integration works by syncing directly with your AccuLynx account, so that what you post in AccuLynx is visible in QuickBooks and vice versa. This eliminates the need for double data entry in two individual systems, which helps reduce errors and saves time.

While your staff can continue to track and manage all company financial data in Quickbooks, Job Cost tracking can be shared with AccuLynx so that Project Managers can see when invoices are scheduled and paid.

Streamline Your Insurance Restoration Roofing Process with AccuLynx

A storm can cause devastating damage to a homeowner’s roof, and working with the insurance company causes headaches for everyone involved, including you. By streamlining your insurance supplement roofing paperwork process, tracking important documents more closely, and more, you can better manage your insurance restoration roofing jobs and keep them moving down the pipeline more efficiently. See how AccuLynx can help you better manage your business today before the next big storm hits.

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