How to create roofing quotes that turn leads into customers

The ultimate guide for roofing contractors

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As a roofing contractor, the way you present yourself when quoting a job can mean the difference between getting a contract signed and losing the job to a competitor. This how-to guide will cover everything you need to know about creating professional roofing quotes that will impress homeowners and help you get more contracts signed.

What to include in a professional roofing quote

A basic roofing quote should outline the scope of a roofing job and break down the entire cost of the project, including materials and labor. Your quote should provide homeowners with information about your company, warranties, and any terms and conditions. Besides the basics, these documents let roofing contractors show off what makes them stand out and why homeowners should pick them over other companies.

In order to provide homeowners with the information they need to thoroughly evaluate your proposal, your roofing quote should include the following essential components.

Cover page

How many times have you picked up a book or a movie because of what the cover looks like? The same concept applies here. You’ll first want to customize your cover page with your company’s branding so that it stands out. Your cover page may also include:

  • Customer name and address
  • Photos of the customer’s house or roofing project
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your company’s name and address

Table of contents

Following the cover page, include a table of contents to make it easy for homeowners to find specific information in your document.

Introduction and company background

At the start of your roofing sales quote, you will want to provide a summary of the project. This section is meant to be brief since later sections of the quote can cover the project in greater detail.

You’ll also want to include background on your roofing company. Share what makes your business unique, whether it’s your outstanding customer service or years in business. Include certifications or additional training your team has completed to build trust and stand out. Include your license numbers and insurance details.

An example of a roofing quote cover page
A roofing quote's table of contents page.
A roofing quote's page to discuss the company's background

Examples of your past work

Show your work and let past customers speak for you. Before and after photos from previous roofing projects give homeowners an idea of the quality of work your company provides. Homeowners often rely on reviews, recommendations, or testimonials to assist in their decision-making process, so including testimonials from past jobs will reinforce why they should choose you.

Inspection images

Include photos to help homeowners understand where roofing damage has occurred or show exactly what is going to be repaired. Be sure to add descriptions along with any images for clarity.

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Roofing software, like AccuLynx, allows you to capture, edit, annotate, and share images.

Shingle or roof style options

While any roofing contractor can install a roof, not everyone is going to have access to the same materials or install particular roof types. Providing background on each shingle type and letting the homeowner know their options helps them understand what they can expect while showing that you are knowledgeable about the products you install.

Project cost & scope of work

Roofing quotes should break out the quantity and cost of each material as well as the associated labor. Be sure to include the quote subtotal, any promotional credits, the amount due today, and a spot for signature.

A light bulbHow homeowners can pay for their roofing project

  • Include financing options to help homeowners understand how a larger project fits into their budget. Here, you can choose to display the total cost as a smaller, estimated monthly payment.
  • Specify what payment options you accept. Roofing software like AccuLynx has built-in credit card processing for contractors so you can accept credit, debit, and ACH payments.


Inform the customer of additional trades you offer and upgrades that can increase the lifespan or look of their roof. Be sure to include the benefits of each upgrade and photos of the recommended material.


If you offer a warranty beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty that covers the products you install, it’s worth explaining what’s additionally covered. This can include the length of the warranty, exclusions, such as damage due to weather, and whether customers can purchase extended coverage.

Terms & conditions

One of the last sections to add to your roofing quote are your company’s terms and conditions, which may include:

  • Payment terms
  • ​​Option for terminating the contract
  • Company versus customer liabilities
  • Terms specific to your company
  • Line to initial that the customer has read and understands the terms & conditions

Authorization page

Depending on the specific wording of the quote, this can act as a legally binding contract between you and the homeowner. The homeowner would sign off confirming they agree to pay the price as well as the scope of work you presented.

Delivering a winning roofing quote

Regardless of whether you choose to include some or all of the above information in your quote, it’s important to ensure your proposal:

  • Educates homeowners on the services your roofing company will provide
  • Clearly communicates the entire cost of the job
  • Demonstrates why your company is the best fit for the project
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Create professional roofing quotes in AccuLynx

Roofing contractors can create roofing quotes using a variety of methods, however without the right tools, the process can be tedious, especially as your business grows.

Challenges of creating quotes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs

  • Difficulty adding and formatting images in the document
  • Rigid templates that are time-consuming to edit
  • Inability to collect e-signatures
  • Potential for homeowners to edit the document after it’s been signed
  • Possibility of having multiple versions of the same roofing quote

Challenges of creating quotes with other roofing software

  • No way to manage leads, production, labor, and other aspects of a job
  • Inability to accept payments and manage job costing
  • Limited reporting that doesn’t tell the full picture
  • Require re-entering data in multiple systems such as a CRM, project management, and accounting software
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Build professional roofing quotes in minutes from the same system you use to manage your entire business. AccuLynx’s quoting features allow you to capture photos, order measurements, create custom-branded presentations, obtain signatures, offer financing, place material orders, and more. Thousands of roofing contractors turn to AccuLynx’s comprehensive tools to manage every aspect of their roofing businesses from an initial lead to a completed job and everything in between.

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