5 Examples of Automated Text Messages to Improve Your Customer Service

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You’ve finally decided to give texting for your business a go. That’s great, but what does an automated text message even look like? The following 5 examples are great templates for different types of texts your roofing business can send to start making the most out of your SMS campaign.

Business Text Message #1: the Appointment Reminder

The Appointment Reminder is perhaps one of the most useful texts you can send. It provides an easy way to kindly remind your customer that you have a meeting and will help even the most forgetful customers!

Text messages are much more likely to be seen by the customer, meaning they won’t forget that you’re stopping just because they haven’t checked their email for the day or missed a phone call. When sending an Appointment Reminder text, your message might look something like this:

Hi [customer name]. This is [employee name] from [business name] reminding you about your scheduled roof inspection for tomorrow [date] at [time]. Please call or text us if you need to reschedule. See you then!

Business Text Message #2: the “Change of Plans” Message

Another useful automated text message to send is the “Change of Plans” message. This one is particularly helpful when plans get changed last minute, like when a storm suddenly rolls in or materials are delayed. It allows you to keep your customer updated and keep them happy even when things are not going as planned.

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In your “Change of Plans” message, be sure to include information such as what was supposed to occur, what the new plan is, and a brief explanation as to why it has changed. A common mistake in this type of text is to be too wordy. Keep your text as short as possible while still conveying the necessary information in order to send the optimal “Change of Plans” message.

The following example shows how you might do this:

Hi [customer name]. This is [employee name] from [business name] notifying you about a change of plans in your roofing repair. Due to the shape of the roof, we need to order additional pieces to complete your installment. These pieces should come in on this [date] and we will resume work then. Please call or text us if you have any questions.

Business Text Message #3: the Progress Photo

The Progress Photo automated text message is a great way to not only keep your customer informed and happy, but it also shows you are up to date with technology in the roofing and contracting world while also providing detailed documentation of the project as it is in progress.

AccuLynx’s Field App allow you to take photos on site and send these images straight to your customer.

Sometimes customers can get frustrated because they cannot tell how much work is being done on the roof from their spot on the ground. Sending a quick Progress Photo is an easy way to put their mind at ease and increase your customer satisfaction! You can even use the mobile Camera App to edit photos and highlight areas of interest.

Be sure to include some text along with your progress photos that way the customer has some context. An example of what this might look like is:

Hi [customer name]. This is [employee name] from [business name] updating you on your roof replacement. The replacement is going great and is half completed as of today. I have attached some images for your viewing. Please call or text us if you have any questions. [ATTACH IMAGE HERE]

Business Text Message #4: the Quick Question

The Quick Question text is a great way to get answers fast! Sometimes a short and simple question can delay your work for hours and your customer might not respond to a phone call or check their email in a timely fashion.

Studies show that most customers are likely to respond to a text within the first 10 minutes it was sent, so sending a quick question over text can keep your crew moving and help you get the job done on time. While a quick question text will vary depending on your question, a general format that can be used is this:

Hi [customer name]. This is [employee name] from [business name] with a quick question. Will the dog in the backyard be relocated the day of the installation? Please let me know by phone call or text as soon as you can. Thanks!

Business Text Message #5: the Follow-Up Message

One last automated text message you can send is the Follow-Up message. A Follow-Up message improves your customer service by giving the homeowner the chance to provide feedback. It also strengthens a connection between the customer and your business, showing them you are invested in their satisfaction and earning you their business in the future.

This is particularly useful for keeping your customer happy during jobs that have multiple stages because it gives them a chance to be involved with the process and can give feedback along the way, ensuring they are satisfied with the end result. A Follow-Up message might look like this:

Hi [customer name], thanks for choosing [business name] for your roof repair. We would love to hear your thoughts on our service. Feel free to text back with any feedback or leave a review at [business website].

How You Can Implement Automated Text Messages

Business management software like AccuLynx makes texting even easier to implement. In AccuLynx, you can trigger automated texts based on job events, job milestone changes, and order-related events. Plus everything is stored in the job file so you never miss a conversation. To see how easy it is to start using these templates and send texts like a pro, schedule a short demo.

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