5 Selling Tactics to Convince Homeowners Why Their Roof Needs Replacing

Most homeowners pay very little attention to the status of their roof – until it starts causing problems. So, while an experienced professional can see a roof that makes a contractor cringe at the safety hazards, potential damage and inefficiencies, a homeowner sees “just a roof”, and one that seems to be doing its job. It’s a difficult sell, especially when the damage isn’t always visible. Not sure how to do that? Try using the following roof selling tactics to persuade homeowners to close.

5 Roof Selling Tips to Convince Homeowners

The most obvious answer is…

The first reason for replacing a roof is because it needs it, plain and simple. Any roof has a limited lifespan and might be worn with age or damaged from a storm. Convincing the customer that their roof needs replacing can be especially difficult when they cannot see anything wrong with it, so it’s important for roofers to point out all of the flaws and hazards you see to them with photos or side by side comparisons.

Using drone footage or photos, show them how the shingles are clawing inward or how one section is sagging and explain why that is a problem so that they understand why replacing their roof is necessary. Side by side photos of a healthy versus a damaged roof can also help put things in perspective.

Storm damage is a little easier to sell to a customer because there is clear damage they can see, (and they likely experienced the storm) but you should still go the extra step and explain how the damage could pose a problem further down the line.

Keeping safety first

After a severe storm, a roof might be in desperate need of repair because of newly created hazards. Intense hail or fallen branches can crack and damage the structure of the roof, leaving it prone to leaking or collapse. While collapse is clearly a more serious and immediate danger, leaks are also devastating as they can damage items in the house. Appeal to homeowners as a professional who cares about the wellbeing of their family and their home. Helping them understand how invisible problems are just detrimental can be the deciding factor for a sale.


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Preventing future damage

One of the hardest to defend but arguably most important reasons to replace a roof is for preventative measures. While small damages can sometimes be patched up or even left alone, doing so can lead to larger problems down the road. Damage costs can be astronomical, so it is often a smarter move to simply replace a damaged roof and avoid any serious damage rather than patch it up for a cheaper price.

Stress to the homeowner the mentality of “why wait for a problem to occur?” and even more practical, “why wait for the repair to get more expensive?” The implications of taking action now versus later can be the difference of thousands of dollars.

Homeowners might argue against an unnecessary expense – they might not have the money to do a repair they do not absolutely need, preventing them from even considering it in the first place. It’s important for roofers to have a basic understanding of how a homeowners insurance might be able to help, and what you can provide to facilitate the process.

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Increasing home value

While damage and aging are the top reasons to replace a roof, they are not the only ones. You can also replace a roof to increase the value of your home. This is an especially convincing argument for homeowners looking to sell their home in the near future, so make sure to know your audience. Replacing your roof adds to its curb appeal, not only giving the owners the advantage of a better looking home, but also a better first impression of the building, which can have a huge impact when trying to sell.

A new roof also adds value onto the house, allowing the owners to sell for more.

In fact, a remodeled roof returns 71.6% of the original investment, which is more than either a bathroom or a kitchen remodel, so it is one of the best remodels you can do to improve the value of your home [source].

Potential buyers will see that the roof has been redone recently, making the house far more attractive. This advantage over other options alone makes replacing the roof a huge attribute.

Higher home efficiency

Roofs that are starting to need replacing right now are likely around 10-15 years old, meaning new, more efficient technology has come onto the market since then. During the sales process, mention how more efficient insulation helps lower heating and cooling costs for the customer’s home, so they will actually end up saving money in the long run.

You can also provide options of material lines that have stronger and more efficient shingles that better protect a new roof from future damages. When trying to persuade a customer to replace their roof for efficiency, be sure emphasize the money they will save in the long run, as that is what they actually gain.

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The customer doesn’t always know what is best for their roof. It could need serious repairs and they might have no idea. Add on top of this that replacing a roof is a time consuming and expensive process and you are left in a situation where the customer is wary of taking any action. As a result, you will often have to convince a customer that their roof really does need replacing. Use these tips and reasons to convince even the most hesitant of customers and seal the deal on their projects.

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