4 Email Templates Your Roofing Company Should be Using

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Communicating with your customers and prospects over email is essential for all roofing contractors. Having a standardized and professional approach to your email communication can help you both streamline the process and stand out from your competition.

By creating templates through AccuLynx’s Email Template Builder, you can create emails more quickly and communicate better with your homeowners. This tool provides roofing contractors with a simplified way to create and deliver professional-looking emails —without increasing your workload. From the Email Template Builder, you can easily create custom emails from scratch and turn commonly used emails into templates to speed up your communication process. If you’re unsure where to begin, AccuLynx has created starter templates that are pre-built with editable elements to simplify the processes.

To get you started, here are four fundamental email templates you should be using today to help your roofing business work more efficiently:

#1: The Introduction Email

The first email you should send to a potential customer is an introduction email, pitching your services and value to your prospect. Include basic information about your business, such as your locations, services, and contact information. This email helps you secure a meeting to evaluate the scope of the job, and a prompt, professional-looking email will help you stand out from the competition.

Creating a template for this type of email will speed up the process and allow you to send more standardized emails to your potential customers without missing a beat. By having a set email template ready to go with all the basic information you desire, you can quickly reach out to homeowners more efficiently right after they first make contact with you.

#2: The Confirmation Email

Once you make an appointment with a prospective customer, sending a confirmation email outlining the main details of a job and/or confirming the date/time of a specific appointment is essential. This should go out soon after a confirmed job so that your customers have all the necessary information right at their disposal. It is important to include information such as a summary of the job, a rough estimate of the job’s timeline, and appointment dates and times that they should be aware of. An email like this helps keep your customer in the loop and aware of what is happening and when.

By setting up a confirmation email template in AccuLynx Email, you can set up an email with dynamic tags that will pull relevant information from the job file, such as the homeowner’s name, address, or other job-specific information. This allows you to speed up the communication process while creating a more standardized and personalized approach to sending homeowners appointment confirmations.

#3: The Payment Reminder Email

Getting paid is essential for your roofing business. But tracking down unpaid invoices is inefficient and a pain. Instead, you can give your homeowners the extra push they need to get their invoices settled by having a payment reminder email ready to send out to customers after so many days of going unpaid. In this email, it is essential that you remind your customers of how much the job was, as well as how they can pay for their services.

Nothing is wrong with giving your homeowners a little push when their invoice is unpaid —and by having an email template ready to go, you can send out the reminder effortlessly.

#4: The Follow-Up Email

After completing a project, sending a follow-up email is a way to ensure you offer the best customer service possible. When writing a follow-up email, be sure to thank customers for choosing to work with you, ask if they have any feedback, and/or provide a link where they can offer a review. By following up, you can create a more positive relationship with your customers, which may lead to repeat business or referrals down the road.

With the AccuLynx Email Template Builder, you can create a standard follow-up email that you can use for every job. This way, instead of creating new emails each time a job is complete, you can just use dynamic tags to pull in specific homeowner information from the job file and then set the email out soon after a job is completed.

AccuLynx Email Template Builder

Communicate Better with AccuLynx Email Template Builder

The AccuLynx Email Template Builder is a tool that can help you save time and better standardize your email communication, from how you introduce your business to a prospective customer to how you follow up after a job is complete. Through this easy-to-use tool, you will create better, more effective emails that you can use over and over again.

Want more information on creating the perfect emails for your business, with example templates that you can use right now? Download AccuLynx’s Free Email Templates to level up your customer service. Or, if you would like more information on using AccuLynx Email Template Builder, you can schedule a demo with our sales team or reach out to customer support.

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