Product Update: Introducing AccuLynx’s New Email Template Builder for Roofing Contractors

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As a Roofing Contractor, you need an easy way to build and send professional-looking emails that make your brand stand out—without adding extra work to your plate. It can become tedious to craft many different emails each day while juggling numerous jobs at a time.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve just released our brand new Email Template Builder—new functionality that allows roofing contractors to create custom-branded emails from scratch that can be saved as templates for future use.

AccuLynx’s Email Template Builder is an easy-to-use feature that brings more efficiency, professionalism and standardization to your emails, making it easier to create and send frequent communications such as:

  • Introductions to customers or prospects
  • Job confirmation emails
  • Appointment reminders or updates
  • Payment reminders

How it works

The Email Template Builder can be accessed directly from the AccuLynx job file. Once you are ready to build an email, all you need to do is drag and drop in the elements you choose. You can:

  • Set the font, color, functionality and general styling
  • Apply content blocks of pre-written text or include attachments
  • Incorporate elements such as spacing, divider lines, and social media icons
  • Organize and edit templates for easy sending through the job file

When you are ready to use one of your saved email templates, you can select the one you would like to use from the job file, update or add additional text as needed and hit send.

Why use the Email Template Builder

Time savings

The Email Template Builder provides a handful of capabilities that save roofing contractors time. Not only can you easily drag and drop pre-written content to quickly create emails, but you can also save the designed email as a template so you don’t have to re-create it the next time it needs to be sent.


The Email Template Builder is a fast and easy way to standardize communications from a look & feel standpoint as well as a messaging standpoint. There are many new options to customize an email template that meets your company’s needs. Plus, with the ability to simply drag and drop in pre-written text or attachments, you can save time and focus on the job at hand while ensuring necessary information is communicated consistently and correctly.

Learn more about our new Email Template Builder

To see our Email Template Builder in action and discover how it can help your roofing business, Schedule a personalized demo today.

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